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RI-1277i 'Your Stolen Life Energy - how to get it back' of 8 July 2000
RI-1276i 'The "Aliveness"-lie, and a Definition of Soul' of 26 June 2000

RI-1275i 'Discovery of True History of Mankind - Tenth Issue' of 3 June 2000
RI-1274i 'Truth about the New Age Movement' of 3 June 2000
RI-1273i 'How to get out of Hell' of 25 Apr 2000
RI-1271i 'Discovery of True History of Mankind - Ninth Issue' of 1 Jan 2000

RI-1270i 'Discovery of True History of Mankind - Eighth Issue' of 1 Jan 2000
RI-1269i 'Expose and Destroy Scientology at ANY cost - else World War III' of 25 Nov 1999
RI-1268i 'Discovery of True History of Mankind - Seventh Issue' of 13 Nov 1999
RI-1267i 'Discovery of True History of Mankind - Sixth Issue' of 13 Nov 1999

RI-1266i 'The Right To Speak - Understanding Democracy' of 22 Oct 1999
RI-1265i 'What I think of you - True Ethics' of 22 Oct 1999
RI-1264i 'Discovery of True History of Mankind - Fifth Issue' of 20 Oct 1999
RI-1263i 'Overpopulation, "handled" the "L. Ron Hubbard-Way"' of 9 Oct 1999

RI-1262i 'Discovery of True History of Mankind - Fourth Issue' of 2 Oct 1999
RI-1261i '"Weathering it out" - Keeping your course' of 2 Oct 1999
RI-1260i 'Living devil, daughter of Satan L. Ron Hubbard' of 1 Oct 1999
RI-1259i 'How L. Ron Hubbard BECAME SATAN and CREATED HELL FOR US' of 8 Sept 1999

RI-1259Si 'How L. Ron Hubbard BECAME SATAN and CREATED HELL FOR US - Summary' of 8 Sept 1999
RI-1258i 'Discovery of True History of Mankind - Third Issue' of 19 Aug 1999
RI-1253Ri 'Operation "Arch Angel"' revised 27 Nov 1999
RI-1249i 'Discovery of True History of Mankind - Second Issue' of 31 July 1999

RI-1238iS 'Devils MADE by L. Ron Hubbard - UNMADE by Ambassador for Mankind' of 22 July 1999
RI-1242i 'People's "Own" Hate was Implanted by Hubbard (Satan) - Relief from' of 17 July 1999
RI-1241i 'A devil NOT wanting Hubbard's ugliness - but SPREADING it!' of 18 July 1999
RI-1236Ai 'L. Ron Hubbard's Army against Angels, against Life - Part A' of 10 July 1999

RI-1226i 'Discovery of True History of Mankind' of 29 June 1999
RI-1222Di '"The Wall of Fire" - THE Catastrophe that killed Mankind - Part D' of 31 May 1999
RI-1222Ci '"The Wall of Fire" - THE Catastrophe that killed Mankind - Part C' of 29 May 1999
RI-1222Bi '"The Wall of Fire" - THE Catastrophe that killed Mankind - Part B' of 27 May 1999

RI-1222Ai '"The Wall of Fire" - THE Catastrophe that killed Mankind - Part A' of 22 May 1999
RI-1216i 'How Hubbard-drones kill to vampire my Life-Energy'' of 14 May 1999
RI-1211i '"LTL" - Living Truthful Love = LIFE' of 6 May 1999
RI-1210i 'The LIES by which Criminals are MADE to rage' of 5 May 1999

RI-1209i 'The True History of Man's Insanity' of 5 May 1999
RI-1208i 'God, and 100 Billion people, KILLED BY L. RON HUBBARD - How' of 2 May 1999
RI-1205i 'Made to FEEL Criminal - How they did it' of 28 April 1999
RI-1195i 'The murder of Nefertiti and Akhenaten (Nofretete and Echnaton)' of 25 April 1999

RI-1194Ai 'The First Lady FACES Demon L. Ron Hubbard - FOR YOU to live' of 18 April 1999
RI-1194Bi 'The First Lady FACES Demon L. Ron Hubbard - FOR YOU to live' of 18 April 1999
RI-1194Ci 'The First Lady FACES Demon L. Ron Hubbard - FOR YOU to live' of 18 April 1999
RI-1194Di 'The First Lady FACES Demon L. Ron Hubbard - FOR YOU to live' of 18 April 1999

RI-1194Ei 'The First Lady FACES Demon L. Ron Hubbard - FOR YOU to live' of 18 April 1999
RI-1193i 'Subconscious Commands Implanted by L. Ron Hubbard on you' of 16 April 1999
RI-1190i 'About the Nature of Ambassador for Mankind' of 14 April 1999
RI-1187i 'Self-determinism and Other-determinism Defined' of 7 April 1999

RI-1182i 'Memories Do Never Erase' of 5 April 1999
RI-1180i 'Definition of God (all religions)' of 31 Mar 1999
RI-1179i 'Running Incidents out - to restore life and recover history' of 30 March 1999
RI-1178i 'Bumping Spiritual Attackers off their Course' of 19 Mar 1999

RI-893Ri 'Scientology's Reiss - How he dominated a planetary population' revised 12 Mar 1999
RI-1173Si 'Summary of "Best Lies - thrown by demon L. Ron Hubbard"' of 10 Mar 1999
RI-1173i 'Best Lies - thrown by demon L. Ron Hubbard' of 9 Mar 1999
RI-1172i 'Top Fifteen Lies thrown by demon L. Ron Hubbard' of 5 Mar 1999

RI-1171i 'Asking For Help' of 6 Mar 1999
RI-1167i 'Freya killed by L. Ron Hubbard, the Evil Eye' of 4 Mar 1999
RI-1163i 'The Question That Saves All' of 2 Mar 1999
RI-1155i 'The Evil Eye IS L. Ron Hubbard - his Blackest Black Magic' of 20 Feb 1999

RI-1149i 'Ancient Egyptian Implants - Atrocious Lies of L. Ron Hubbard' of 6 Feb 1999
RI-1146i 'Truth about contributions' of 31 Jan 1999
RI-1145i '"Rights" NOT GRANTED by Ambassador for Mankind' of 29 Jan 1999
RI-1143i 'IQ test - Raising IQ by Detecting Atrocious Lies' of 27 Jan 1999

RI-1142i 'Intentions to kill you, detected by E-meter-Polygraph' of 25 Jan 1999
RI-1139Ai 'Eldest Son of L. Ron Hubbard speaks out - I (Summary)' of 22 Jan 1999
RI-1139Bi 'Eldest Son of L. Ron Hubbard speaks out - II' of 22 Jan 1999
RI-1139Ci 'Eldest Son of L. Ron Hubbard speaks out - III' of 22 Jan 1999

RI-1139Di 'Eldest Son of L. Ron Hubbard speaks out - IV' of 22 Jan 1999
RI-1139Ei 'Eldest Son of L. Ron Hubbard speaks out - V' of 22 Jan 1999
RI-1138i 'Strength-Recovery; Standing up for Others' of 21 Jan 1999
RI-1137i 'Your Good Intentions Used Against You' of 17 Jan 1999

RI-1136i 'Nature of the First Lady for Mankind' of 16 Jan 1999
RI-1129i 'Defining Unconsciousness' of 12 Jan 1999
RI-1122i 'Describing True Leadership' of 3 Jan 1999
RI-1117i 'The War against Hubbard: Zombies and "sore-points" destroy life' of 27 Dec 1998

RI-1116i 'E-meter-Polygraph well received' of 26 Dec 1998
RI-1115i 'The Spiritual Mass-murderer - The being L. Ron Hubbard' of 20 Dec 1998
RI-1114Si Summary of 'The First Lady looks at L. Ron Hubbard' of 13 Dec 1998
RI-1113i 'First Lady for Mankind' of 29 Nov 1998

RI-1112i 'Some Counter-intentions to Mankind' of 17 Nov 1998
RI-1111i 'Good Teaching - Basics' of 12 Nov 1998
RI-1110i 'The Spiritual Murderer Jutta (past life Vincent van Gogh)' of 6 Nov 1998
RI-1109i 'The Scientology Mafia Ethics Code' of 22 Oct 1998

RI-1108DASCi 'Strafverfahren gegen Scientology - AZ 113 JS 10032/98' (ASCII-version) of 22 Oct 1998
RI-1108Di 'Strafverfahren gegen Scientology - AZ 113 JS 10032/98' of 18 Oct 1998
RI-1107i 'Choose Sides in the War against L. Ron Hubbard' of 6 Oct 1998
RI-1106i 'The Nature, Purpose and Value of Art' of 4 Oct 1998

RI-1105i 'Understanding the Criminal's Hate Universe' of 2 Oct 1998
RI-1104i 'Eternally Perfectly Evil - Scientology's Goal' of 29 Sept 1998
RI-1103i 'The Nature of War and Friendship - basic text' issued 29 Sept 1998
RI-1102i 'People's biggest upset: Ingratitude!' of 29 Sept 1998

RI-1101i 'Staying out of Scientology's hate-universe of L. Ron Hubbard' of 27 Sept 1998
RI-1100i 'Atrocities on you, by Black Magic of L. Ron Hubbard' of 21 Sept 1998
RI-1099i 'Attainable States of Freedom - of Body, Spirits, Matter' of 13 Sept 1998
RI-1098i 'John Travolta's personal Therapist in Florida, Clearwater' of 11 Sept 1998

RI-1097i 'Handling Black Magic of L. Ron Hubbard - Processes' of 7 Sept 1998
RI-1096i 'Hidden hidden L. Ron Hubbard - influence against Mankind' of 6 Sept 1998
RI-1095Ri 'E-meter-Polygraph, understanding, usage and construction or buying' revised 8 Nov 1999
RI-1094i 'Black Magic detection - prevented by L. Ron Hubbard by all means' of 3 Jan 1997

RI-1093i 'Describes real Black Magic of L. Ron Hubbard - and remedies' of 2 Sept 1998
RI-1092i 'L. Ron Hubbard DID destroy Jutta, etc.' of 19 Sept 1996
RI-1091i 'Ancient Egypt - Its Mission to destroy Earth spiritually' of 29 Aug 1998
RI-1090i 'My business - Defusing Atom bombs. UNO - AI - Greenpeace' of 25 Aug 1998

RI-1089i 'Correct definition of Case (aberrations) in therapy' of 23 Aug 1998
RI-1088i '"Miscavige Space" - Hidden Worst Mental Disorder' of 14 Aug 1998
RI-1087i 'How long will L. Ron Hubbard and his followers be CRIMINALS?' of 12 Aug 1998
RI-1086i 'Definitions of "Telepathy", "Invalidation", "Affinity"' of 12 Aug 1998

RI-1085i '"Admiration" from the criminal L. Ron Hubbard for my work' of 12 Aug 1998
RI-1084i 'Fastest Known Sanity Restoration Question - Admiration Therapy' of 8 Aug 1998
RI-1083i 'Current Report. Power, Restoring your -' of 8 Aug 1998
RI-1082Si 'The "Greatness" of Being Destroyed - Present spiritual Warfare' of 1 Aug 1998

RI-1081i 'Definition of Murderer' of 31 July 1998
RI-1077i 'Repaying evil with BIGGER evil - Freya repaying Jutta' of 28 July 1998
RI-1076i 'Standard Confessional Questions' of 22 July 1998
RI-1075i 'What a criminal basically does' of 15 July 1998

RI-1074i 'Telepathy Unreal? - Diana Ross finding Mozart' of 16 July 1998
RI-1073i 'Unreality of PROVEN Telepathic Communication' of 16 July 1998
RI-1072i 'True Nature of Extreme Hate and Evil (also of Black Magic), Facing' of 14 July 1998
RI-1071i 'ALL criminals defend censorship - Handling criminals' of 10 July 1998

RI-1070i 'What the Assignment was for L. Ron Hubbard in Scientology' of 8 July 1998
RI-1069i '"Command Intention" against Koos - Joe Cisar gets a hint' of 5 July 1998
RI-1068i-A 'List of all web-sites, etc., censored by Scientology Syndicate' of 6 July 1998
RI-1068Ri '"Scientology84" against Mankind (killed University-sites, etc.)' of 5 July 1998

RI-1067i 'Jutta controlling herself TOWARDS criminality and insanity' of 3 July 1998
RI-1066i 'Solving Criminality - Also on Future Prisons' of 1 July 1998
RI-1065i 'Recent History of the Ambassador for Mankind' of 27 June 1998
RI-1064i 'Ambassador for Mankind and Human Rights of 10 Dec 1948 (UNO)' of 27 June 1998

RI-1063i 'Returning Ability by Unfixing Fixed Ideas - The Full Procedure' of 23 June 1998
RI-1062i 'Definition of the truth' of 18 June 1998
RI-1061i 'The Originally Good Purpose of Scientology and Dianetics' of 17 June 1998
RI-1060i 'Correct Definition of Affinity (for life, for people)' of 11 Jun 1998

RI-1058i 'Active Mind Control Implants from the being L. Ron Hubbard' of 7 Jun 1998
RI-1057Si 'The secret genocide doctrine of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard' of 6 Jun 1998
RI-1057i 'WHY he lied - L. Ron Hubbard's secret "O.T. Level III"' of 6 Jun 1998
RI-1056i 'Operating Spiritually, Level One (OSLO) - The Technique' of 2 Jun 1998

RI-1055i 'The "Single" Source of Aberration: The being L. Ron Hubbard'' of 31 May 1998
RI-1041i 'E-Meter, Lie-detector, Polygraph, EEG, Biofeedback (Backster, Kirlian)' of 10 May 1998
RI-1040i 'New Crime against Mankind: Supporting the Hidden Nazi's' of 2 May 1998
RI-1039Pi 'Discovery and Description of True Hell for Millions' of 30 April 1998

RI-1038i 'Reiss and Hubbard: "A GROUP is 'Everyone under my total control"' of 28 Apr 1998
RI-1037i 'The Soul-grabber and Spirit-killer Richard Reiss' of 28 Apr 1998
RI-1036i 'Scientologists denied free Internet-access - and by whom!' of 28 Apr 1998
RI-1033i 'Scientology's Richard Reiss driving others insane about Koos' of 27 Apr 1998

RI-1032Si 'The hidden hidden Scientology Syndicate - Summary' of 26 Apr 1998
RI-1032i 'The hidden hidden Scientology Syndicate - How they hide' of 21 Apr 1998
RI-1031i 'The Devil does exist, as Richard Reiss (Scientology Syndicate)' of 28 Mar 1998
RI-1029i 'FACING Black Magic attacks by Devil Richard Reiss' of 26 Mar 1998

RI-1028i 'The VICIOUS Black Magic of Scientology Devil Richard Reiss' of 26 Mar 1998
RI-1027i 'The Devil Himself Confesses - Black Magic of Scientology's Reiss' of 26 Mar 1998
RI-1026i 'L. Ron Hubbard Scientology Syndicate AGAINST Mankind - WHY?' of 24 Mar 1998
RI-1025i 'When the ENERGY of bad news hits you, what's wrong?' of 31 Mar 1996

RI-1024i 'Natural State - CONTINUOUS mental force output required to deny it' of 21 July 1997
RI-1023i 'The "You ARE EVIL"-game of Criminals like Jutta, Reiss, Hubbard' of 22 Dec 1997
RI-1022i 'The Purpose of Life' of 26 Sept 1997
RI-1021i 'A Basic of Insanity - On Remedying Criminality' of 19 Mar 1998

RI-1020i 'A Definition of Treason' of 8 Mar 1998
RI-1019i 'Simply Defining Exchange Value - between People' of 6 Mar 1998
RI-1016i 'Jutta's mental fight with Richard Reiss' of 15 Mar 1998
RI-1014i 'More on Richard Reiss's Horror - Outdoing Stephen King stories' of 14 Mar 1998

RI-1013i 'World Domination by the Scientology Syndicate's Final Solution' of 14 Mar 1998
RI-1012i 'How Spiritual Criminals Kill Your Life - How you Restore it' of 11 Mar 1998
RI-1011i 'Diana Ross, Jane Fonda, Michael Jackson - caring for Mankind?' of 3 Mar 1998
RI-1010i 'Regaining own viewpoint - Neutralizing Black Magic force' of 1 Mar 1998

RI-1007i 'How a Suppressive Person becomes so - How to remedy' of 27 Feb 1998
RI-1005i 'Present Black Magic on you by Richard Reiss and L. Ron Hubbard' of 23 Feb 1998
RI-1004i 'Affected by another's evil intentions. Getting out of being -' of 18 Feb 1998
RI-1003i 'Detecting Fixed Solutions about oneself - Increasing one's Sanity' of 12 Feb 1998

RI-1002i 'L. Ron Hubbard's Black Magic, now, and his death' of 4 Feb 1998
RI-1000i '"His good intentions CAN'T exist! He IS not who he is!"' of 11 Feb 1998
RI-999i 'You CAN Face Evil? - Also Jutta's and Richard Reiss's?' of 2 Feb 1998
RI-998i 'Destructive Motives of a Tilman Hausherr' of 26 Jan 1998

RI-997Di 'Beitritt Strafanzeige gegen Scientology Muenchen Personal' of 25 Jan 1998
RI-996Pi 'How criminals ASK each other to be kept insane' of 23 Jan 1998
RI-995i-B 'FALSE DEFINITION of "Friends" and of "Hate"' of 21 Jan 1998
RI-995i-A 'Personality-reversal when not facing a criminal' of 18 Jan 1998

RI-995i 'Admiration Rundown - Eradicating Criminality and Insanity on Earth' of 17 Jan 1998
RI-994i 'Becoming an Operating Spirit - Example of FACING life' of 11 Jan 1998
RI-993i 'The Joy and Beauty of Destroying Self and Others - Understood' of 8 Jan 1998
RI-992i-A 'Ethical Response to Group Injustice - (Addition to RI-992i)' of 5 Jan 1998

RI-992Pi 'Black Magic Force by Scientologist L. Ron Hubbard, on Jutta' of 4 Jan 1998
RI-991i-A 'Forcing Richard Reiss to be Super Evil - so as to "destroy" him' of 13 Jan 1998
RI-991i 'How Jutta Now Protects Us from Spiritual Evil by Richard Reiss' of 3 Jan 1998
RI-990i 'Spiritual Criminal Code of Honor - "Self-determinism"' of 1 Jan 1998

RI-989i 'Marie-Louise's s.x with Napoleon - Enforcing Ugly Admiration' of 30 Dec 1997
RI-988i 'Spiritual Criminal "Friendship" versus Intending Decency' of 28 Dec 1997
RI-987i 'Making a World of Spiritual Sanity and Freedom' of 26 Dec 1997
RI-986i 'Auditing L. Ron Hubbard - Jutta "not deserving" to expose him lying' of 23 Dec 1997

RI-985i 'Vicious Spiritual Evil of Richard Reiss Not Faced - VITAL VITAL' of 22 Dec 1997
RI-984i 'The Criminal Mind - Cowards Don't Dare Create Life - VITAL DATA' of 21 Dec 1997
RI-983i 'Jutta Blackmailed for Eternity by Richard Reiss, Also on Christmas?' of 17 Dec 1997
RI-982Pi 'Wanting To Be Punished In Order Not To Face Own Acts (Jutta)' of 16 Dec 1997

RI-981i 'Jutta RUNNING AWAY - from facing Richard Reiss driving her insane' of 15 Dec 1997
RI-980i 'Character of any heavy Suppressive Person - Jutta seen by Freya' of 13 Dec 1997
RI-979i 'Deserting Their Own Hero - Why (Jutta, Michael Jackson, etc.) Do' of 12 Dec 1997
RI-978Si 'The Wall of Shame - Short Summary' of 12 Dec 1997

RI-978i 'The Wall of Shame - Remedy of Hell, Jutta, Socrates, Black Magic' of 8 Dec 1997
RI-977i 'Repair Mark VII E-meter by chip-replacement' of 3 Dec 1997
RI-976Di 'Psychose - am Beispiel der Malerin Jutta - ins Auge gefasst' of 30 Nov 1997
RI-975i 'Esoteric confusion handling - Spirit, Life-field, Body, E-meter' of 28 Nov 1997

RI-974i 'Truth about "Not putting attention on evil of others"' of 27 Nov 1997
RI-973i 'Spiritual trap called "Bridge" and "Grade Chart" - George Clooney' of 24 Nov 1997
RI-972Si 'Hidden but Executed Intentions of the paintress Jutta' of 23 Nov 1997
RI-972i 'Jutta: "How I want to destroy LIFE, since 1788"' of 4 Sept 1997

RI-971i 'Neutralizing black magic attacks from L. Ron Hubbard or others' of 22 Nov 1997
RI-970i 'Black magic: The being L. Ron Hubbard pretending to you to be "me" of 20 Nov 1997
RI-969i-A '"You can't exist without my help", to prove "Greatness"' of 20 Nov 1997
RI-969i 'Jutta: "See me Great, or I kill you" - The main evil' of 3 Sept 1997

RI-968i '"L. Ron Hubbard is 'just an idiot'," does not handle him' of 31 Aug 1997
RI-967i 'Jutta: "Communicating with Koos is knowing myself"' of 26 Aug 1997
RI-966i 'Jutta: "Being Unaware is NOT 'Keeping my Viewpoint Clean'"' of 26 Aug 1997
RI-965i 'Jutta and L. Ron Hubbard: "Dominate and Be Dominated!" - VITAL DATA' of 4 Sept 1997

RI-964i 'Jutta: With Koos, care for people - Without Koos, dominating others' of 24 August 1997
RI-963i 'Construction future E-meter for 50 US dollars' of 10 Nov 1997
RI-962i 'The Master Path to Life - Platonism understood' of 1 Nov 1997
RI-961i 'Jutta: "I am praised for helping Mankind, but now destroying it"' of 26 Aug 1997

RI-960i 'Jutta: Why I destroyed Koos' Castle Project (1980) - Domination' of 26 Aug 1997
RI-959i 'Jutta: "I just don't WANT to handle L. Ron Hubbard's insanity"' of 25 Aug 1997
RI-958i 'Jutta: Running away is being dominated completely' of 23 Aug 1997
RI-957i 'When will there be peace on Earth' of 5 Nov 1997

RI-956i 'Jutta: Validating Evil by NOT communicating about it' of 25 Aug 1997
RI-955i 'Jutta: DENYING COMMUNICATION about sorrow, fear, pain or evil' of 23 Aug 1997
RI-954i 'Jutta: "Be with Koos - or let all be dominated by Scientology"' of 24 Aug 1997
RI-953i 'Black Magic by L. Ron Hubbard - Spiritual Force' of 23 Aug 1997

RI-952i 'Hubbard Scientology can be anti-survival "therapy"' of 18 Sept 1997
RI-951i 'Black Magic Spells from L. Ron Hubbard' of 3 Nov 1997
RI-950i 'The Domination Game - Hidden Actions by L. Ron Hubbard' issued 23 Sept 1997
RI-949i 'The HIDDEN Top of the Scientology Organization' issued 10 Oct 1997

RI-948i 'Leonardo da Vinci not liked by L. Ron Hubbard' of 30 Sept 1997
RI-947i 'Jutta's Determination to Punish L. Ron Hubbard FOREVER' of 18 Aug 1997
RI-946i 'Jutta: "Don't face evil - Destroy Koos instead" - Part IV' of 18 Aug 1997
RI-945i 'Jutta: "Don't face evil - Destroy Koos instead" - Part III' of 17 Aug 1997

RI-944i 'Jutta: "Don't face evil - Destroy Koos instead" - Part II' of 17 Aug 1997
RI-943i 'Jutta: "Don't face evil - Destroy Koos instead" - Part I' of 17 Aug 1997
RI-942i 'Socrates - Self-portrait of his Death' of 25 Oct 1997
RI-941Ri 'Benjamin Franklin's fatal decision of 1788' revised 8 Apr 2000

RI-940i '"L. Ron Hubbard is an idiot" as Jutta's "Solution" to life' of 30 Aug 1997
RI-939i 'Jane Fonda Interview On Understanding War and Future Danger' of 5 Oct 1997
RI-938i 'Clever Questions to Find a Hidden Attacker' of 4 Oct 1997
RI-937i 'Handling persistent psychotics and attackers by past-life locations' of 30 Sept 1997

RI-936i (Not Issued)
RI-935i 'John Travolta Interview about Friendship' of 25 Sept 1997
RI-934i 'John Travolta - Getting him to face the truth' of 25 Sept 1997
RI-933i 'Michael Jackson Interview - The Consequences for Mankind' of 24 Sept 1997

RI-932i 'My Beloved One' of 22 Sept 1997
RI-931i 'How Scientology staff refuses to face L. Ron Hubbard' of 4 Nov 1997
RI-930i 'Ludwig Schudt: Highly Trained Scientology Auditor and Sea Org-member' of 18 Sept 1997
RI-929i 'Simple Detection: "Sane or Insane?"' of 11 Sept 1997

RI-928i 'Michael Jackson queried on "Lady Di" and actual friends' of 5 Sept 1997
RI-927i 'Pan-Determinism and Suppression defined by a friend of mine' of 26 Aug 1997
RI-926i 'I do not respect the right of others to be insane' of 19 Aug 1997
RI-925i 'Restoring life-force - Affinity for who and what IS THERE' 17 Aug 1997

RI-924i 'Heber Jentzsch "completed" Super Power Rundown' of 14 Aug 1997
RI-923i 'Facing Pretenders to the Truth' of 14 Aug 1997
RI-922i 'Example Reincarnation Therapy - a report on Telepathic Auditing' of 13 Aug 1997
RI-921i 'Allergic against Truth - Only few are' of 10 Aug 1997

RI-921Di 'Allergisch gegen die Wahrheit - Wenige sind es' of 10 Aug 1997
RI-920i 'Joke of the Universe: L. Ron Hubbard's Honor (Honour)' of 6 Aug 1997
RI-919i 'Who Destroys your Spiritual Power - Scale of Recognizable Actions' of 4 Aug 1997
RI-918i 'Spiritual Power defined correctly' of 4 Aug 1997

RI-917i 'L. Ron Hubbard slaves do NOT WANT to know truth, but are fascistic' of 3 Aug 1997
RI-916i 'L. Ron Hubbard's State of Clear, and what happened - IMPORTANT' of 1 Aug 1997
RI-915i 'L. Ron Hubbard destroys Scientology, but blames Mankind for it' of 30 July 1997
RI-914i 'RATIONAL Anger at Scientology Organizations and at L. Ron Hubbard' of 30 July 1997

RI-912i 'JOHN TRAVOLTA declared Suppressive until disbanding "Church" of Scientology'
of 25 July 1997
RI-911i '"Religious Freedom" of Scientology (Kurt Weiland Interview)' of 24 July 1997
RI-910i 'Situation is GRAVE for Church of Scientology (OSA-Interview)' of 23 July 1997
RI-909i '"Intention to survive"-Indicator' of 16 July 1997

RI-908i 'The Ostrich-factor - on facing evil or criminality' of 16 July 1997
RI-907i 'A glimpse of spiritual warfare' of 16 July 1997
RI-906i 'The Unknown Facts - When L. Ron Hubbard became a Clear, in 1965' of 8 July 1997
RI-905i 'L. Ron Hubbard on Ambassador for Mankind' of 6 July 1997

RI-904i 'L. Ron Hubbard's attitude towards his staff' of 6 July 1997
RI-903i 'Fear of People motivates the whole "Church" of Scientology' of 6 July 1997
RI-902i 'Dominators dominating Dominator L. Ron Hubbard' of 29 June 1997
RI-901i 'Koos defines Operating Thetan (Operating Being) correctly' of 29 June 1997

RI-900i 'The Spiritual Killer Richard Reiss (FLAG - "Church of Scientology")' of 29 June 1997
RI-899i 'LRH: They came to join ME, and NOT "the Church of Scientology"!' of 24 June 1997
RI-898i 'FLAG's Richard Reiss destroys Scientologists forever' of 24 June 1997
RI-897i 'My mother creating havoc again' of 22 June 1997

RI-896i 'Telepathy - Questions about getting in communication' of 21 June 1997
RI-895i 'Plato and Koos - L. Ron Hubbard, The difference' of 22 June 1997
RI-894i 'Abilities of Koos Nolst Trenite for Mankind - Science of Scientology' of 21 June 1997
RI-893i 'FLAG's Richard Reiss - How he dominated a planetary population' of 20 June 1997

RI-892Si 'FLAG's Richard Reiss worse than Adolf Hitler' (Short) of 22 June 1997
RI-892i 'Flag's Richard Reiss - million times worse than Adolf Hitler' of 19 June 1997
RI-891i 'Flag's Richard Reiss - his intention to hide from Koos' of 11 Aug 1996
RI-890i 'Flag's Richard Reiss - Why to remove him' of 4 Aug 1996

RI-889i-A 'More Black Scientology of Richard Reiss' of 18 June 1997
RI-889i 'Richard Reiss is "Safe" at Flag (in Florida)' of 17 June 1997
RI-888i 'Insanity of Channeling - Ceanne DeRohan's God - Mysticism - New Age' of 7 June 1997
RI-887i 'Spreading Intentional Lies about Koos, Why someone does - Part V' of 6 June 1997

RI-886i 'Spreading Intentional Lies about Koos, Why someone does - Part IV' of 6 June 1997
RI-885i 'Spreading Intentional Lies about Koos, Why someone does - Part III' of 6 June 1997
RI-884i 'Spreading Intentional Lies about Koos, Why someone does - Part II' of 6 June 1997
RI-883i 'Spreading Intentional Lies about Koos, Why someone does - Part I' of 6 June 1997

RI-881i 'Basics of Telepathy - Vital Data about You' of 1 June 1997
RI-879i 'The Ultimate Defense Weapon of Telepathy' of 12 July 1997

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RI-877Di 'Scientology Propaganda scheitert - "Talk im Turm" (TV 25. Mai 97)' of 26 May 1997

RI-876i 'Lawyers instructed by "Church" of Scientology to be insane' of 26 May 1997
RI-875i 'Security Check on Homer Wilson Smith (he destroys the Free Zone)' of 24 May 1997
RI-874i 'Assisting Helmut Kohl in facing irrational opposition leader' of 23 May 1997
RI-873i 'Ray Mithoff: About himself and his "Church" of Scientology' of 23 May 1997

RI-872i 'Interview: Actual Head of Scientology "Church", Ray Mithoff' of 23 May 1997
RI-871i 'Relaying Truth is your Duty' of 23 May 1997
RI-870i 'The Arrogance of some "Free Zone" Scientologists' of 21 May 1997
RI-869i 'Real Miscavige "joined L. Ron Hubbard" 30 Dec 1994 - suicide hidden' of 20 May 1997

RI-868i 'L. Ron Hubbard's Black Magic against Koos Nolst Trenite' of 19 May 1997
RI-867i 'How L. Ron Hubbard Destroys your Friendship with Koos Nolst Trenite' of 19 May 1997
RI-864i-RI-866i (Not Issued)
RI-863i 'How David Miscavige used Scientology to destroy beings' of 5 May 1997

RI-862i-A 'Telepathy - (Steve Fishman fully exposed)' of 15 May 1997
RI-862i 'Steve Fishman's hidden intentions are criminal' of 14 May 1997
RI-861i 'How the vicious liar L. Ron Hubbard hates Mankind!' of 12 May 1997
RI-858i-RI-860i (Not Issued)

RI-857i 'Telepathy - Telepathic Auditor Training Course' of 29 May 1997
RI-857i-AS 'Telepathy Course - the Processes - Summary' of 2 June 1997
RI-857i-A 'Telepathic Auditor Course - the Processes - Part I' of 29 May 1997
RI-857i-B 'Telepathic Auditor Course - the Processes - Part II' of 29 May 1997

RI-857i-C 'Telepathic Auditor Course - the Processes - Part III' of 29 May 1997
RI-857i-D 'Telepathic Auditor Course - the Processes - Part IV' of 29 May 1997
RI-857i-E 'Telepathic Auditor Course - the Processes - Part V' of 29 May 1997
RI-857i-F 'Telepathic Auditor Course - the Processes - Part VI' of 29 May 1997

RI-857i-G 'Telepathic Auditor Course - the Processes - Part VII' of 29 May 1997
RI-857i-H 'Telepathic Auditor Course - the Processes - Part VIII' of 29 May 1997
RI-857i-J 'Telepathic Auditor Course - the Processes - Part IX' of 29 May 1997
RI-857i-K 'Telepathic Auditor Course - the Processes - Part X' of 29 May 1997

RI-857i-L 'Telepathic Auditor Course - the Processes - Part XI' of 29 May 1997
RI-857i-M 'Telepathic Auditor Course - the Processes - Part XII' of 29 May 1997
RI-857i-N 'Telepathic Auditor Course - the Processes - Part XIII' of 29 May 1997
RI-857i-O 'Telepathic Auditor Course - the Processes - Part XIV' of 29 May 1997

RI-857i-P 'Telepathic Auditor Course - the Processes - Part XV' of 29 May 1997
RI-857i-Q 'Telepathic Auditor Course - the Processes - Part XVI' of 29 May 1997
RI-856i 'Re my father - Part X - Mozart betrayed by his father' of 2 May 1997
RI-855i 'Re my father - Part IX - Leopold Mozart's attitude' of 30 Apr 1997

RI-854i 'Re my father - Part VIII - Wolfgang Mozart on father Leopold' of 29 Apr 1997
RI-853i 'Re my father - Part VII - Leopold on his son Wolfgang Mozart' of 29 Apr 1997
RI-852i 'Re my father - Part VI - marriage-counseling for him' of 29 Apr 1997
RI-851i 'Re my father - Part V - his pretended help' of 29 Apr 1997

RI-850i 'Re my father - Part IV - his marriage problem' of 29 Apr 1997
RI-849i 'Definition of "Security Risk"' of 6 May 1997
RI-848i 'Putting L. Ron Hubbard in perspective' of 3 May 1997
RI-847i 'Diana Ross: The Poison of Admiration' of 30 Apr 1997

RI-846i 'Recovering my father - Part III - Value of Telepathy' of 28 Apr 1997
RI-845i 'Tilman Hausherr - At the Evil Side of L. Ron Hubbard' of 27 Apr 1997
RI-844i 'Tilman Hausherr - His Stealing Intellectual Property' of 27 Apr 1997
RI-843i 'Tilman Hausherr - His Black Magic against Koos Nolst Trenite' of 27 Apr 1997

RI-842i 'Tilman Hausherr - His Evil Purposes on Koos Nolst Trenite' of 27 Apr 1997
RI-841i 'My mother - regrettably, but true: a suppressive person' of 26 Apr 1997
RI-840i 'Recovering my father - Part II' of 26 Apr 1997
RI-839i 'Recovering my father - Part I' of 26 Apr 1997

RI-838i 'Why the murder of L. Ron Hubbard was hidden' of 24 Apr 1997
RI-837i 'Unusual Death of L. Ron Hubbard' of 24 Apr 1997
RI-836i 'A Businessman assisted by Koos Nolst Trenite' of 24 Apr 1997
RI-835i 'Between-lives Implanter - How he operates' of 23 Apr 1997

RI-834i 'EXTREME IMPORTANCE - Between-lives Implanter on Mars' of 22 Apr 1997
RI-833i 'Between-lives Implanter on Mars' of 22 Apr 1997
RI-832i 'Diana Ross - Helping Michael Jackson' of 21 Apr 1997
RI-831i 'Diana Ross - Care for Michael Jackson' of 20 Apr 1997

RI-830i 'Diana Ross - Responsibility for Michael Jackson' of 17 Apr 1997
RI-829i 'Truth about an Attack on Koos Nolst Trenite' of 20 Apr 1997
RI-828i 'Koos Nolst Trenite personally visited' of 19 Apr 1997
RI-827i 'Koos Nolst Trenite, Contributions to' of 18 Apr 1997

RI-827i-A 'Koos Nolst Trenite, More Contributions to' of 27 Apr 1997
RI-827i-B 'Contributing to Koos Nolst Trenite - no matter what' of 21 Apr 1997
RI-826i 'Yeltsin faces Russian enemy of Mankind' of 17 Apr 1997
RI-825i 'Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Koos and care' of 15 Apr 1997

RI-824i 'Diana Ross: Current exchange with Koos' of 14 Apr 1997
RI-823i 'Truth, Justice, Sanity and Auditing - relationship between' of 9 Apr 1997
RI-822i 'Diana Ross: Aligned with Koos again' of 5 Apr 1997
RI-822i-A 'Responsibility for Diana Ross by Koos Nolst Trenite' of 11 Apr 1997

RI-821i 'Diana Ross: People need to come together' of 3 Apr 1997
RI-820i 'Diana Ross: Facing the mad, angry Miscavige' of 3 Apr 1997
RI-819i 'Diana Ross: The Miscavige-Incident' of 2 Apr 1997
RI-818i 'Diana Ross: Facing Jutta, the painter' of 2 Apr 1997

RI-817i 'Diana Ross: The Ethics of creating aliveness' of 31 Mar 1997
RI-816i 'Diana Ross: Creating sparks at a distance' of 30 Mar 1997
RI-815i 'Diana Ross: Helping people to face L. Ron Hubbard' of 29 Mar 1997
RI-814i 'Diana Ross: Intention to get people together' of 29 Mar 1997

RI-813i 'Diana Ross: Creating sparks in others' of 29 Mar 1997
RI-812i 'Diana Ross: The sparks of life' of 28 Mar 1997
RI-811i 'Telepathic talk with my brother' of 27 Mar 1997
RI-810Di 'Richtige Handhabung von Arbeitslosigkeit' of 15 Apr 1997

RI-810i 'Correct Unemployment Remedy' of 31 Mar 1997
RI-809i '"The Stronger One" - Simple Ethics' of 12 Feb 1997
RI-808i '"Be nothing" is NOT survival - Steve Biko' of 24 Mar 1997
RI-807Si '"Operating Thetan" defined' of 24 Mar 1997

RI-807i 'Advanced Courses, OT-Levels and OT - The secret understood' of 24 Mar 1997
RI-806i 'Scientology-"Religion" - evil in business and science covered up' of 16 Mar 1997
RI-805i '"Team-mates are not suppressive" and Alan C. Walter' of 16 Mar 1997
RI-805i-A 'Alan C. Walter confirms his evil doctrine' of 26 Mar 1997

RI-804i 'Clinton-Interview on NATO and Russia' of 20 Mar 1997
RI-803i 'Yeltsin-Interview on NATO and Russia' of 20 Mar 1997
RI-802i (Not Issued)
RI-801i '"You can never leave" - the Spiritual Universe' of 14 Mar 1997

RI-800i 'Current Statistics of Scientology - L. Ron Hubbard' of 9 March 1997
RI-799i 'Napoleon Bonaparte's wife Marie Louise of Austria' of 3 Mar 1997
RI-798i 'A working definition of Astrology, and Einstein exposed' of 26 Feb 1997
RI-797i 'A lively definition of "money"' of 21 Feb 1997

RI-796i 'The Missing Data - Whole Track and Future Scientology' of 27 Feb 1997
RI-795i 'Restoring Aliveness Rundown, SUPER POWER - Part II' of 20 Feb 1997
RI-795i-A 'Restoring Aliveness Rundown II - Example Session - Q1' of 20 Feb 1997
RI-795i-B 'Restoring Aliveness Rundown II - Example Session - Q2' of 20 Feb 1997

RI-795i-C 'Restoring Aliveness Rundown II - Example Session - Q3' of 20 Feb 1997
RI-795i-D 'Restoring Aliveness Rundown II - Example Session - Q4' of 20 Feb 1997
RI-795i-E 'Restoring Aliveness Rundown II - Example Session - Q5 of 20 Feb 1997
RI-794i 'Rather NOT looking at L. Ron Hubbard: Former friends' of 18 Feb 1997

RI-793Di 'Helmut Kohl Interview ueber Arbeitslosigkeit' of 22 Feb 1997
RI-793i 'Helmut Kohl Interview on Unemployment in Germany' of 17 Feb 1997
RI-792i 'Destroying destroyer Reiss of Flag is MORE destruction' of 16 Feb 1997
RI-791i 'How L. Ron Hubbard wants to destroy you' of 13 Feb 1997

RI-790i 'Destroying L. Ron Hubbard - or controlling his insanity' of 13 Feb 1997
RI-789i 'PROPAGANDA of L. Ron Hubbard almost exposed July 1994' of 6 Feb 1997
RI-788i 'Decency of Koos against Dictatorship of L. Ron Hubbard' of 31 Jan 1997
RI-787i 'The Future of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard' of 30 Jan 1997

RI-786i 'L. Ron Hubbard destroying Koos and Mankind' of 26 Jan 1997
RI-785i 'On Not Remedying Disagreements - "Not Talking"' of 24 Jan 1997
RI-784i-A 'The biggest Hate-Seller is L. Ron Hubbard' of 31 Jan 1997
RI-784Ri 'The Neo-Nazis of Usenet' of 22 Jan 1997

RI-783i 'A lesson in Hubbard-Scientology Public Relations' of 19 Jan 1997
RI-782i-A 'Alan C. Walter and Unpleasant Truths - Addition' of 21 Jan 1997
RI-782Si 'Alan C. Walter and Unpleasant Truths (Short version)' of 18 Jan 1997
RI-782i 'Alan Walter and Unpleasant Truths (Alan C. Walter)' of 14 Jan 1997

RI-781BPI 'Raising Children - or Keeping Them Small?' of 16 Jan 1997
RI-781i 'Raising Children - or Keeping Them Small?' of 14 Jan 1997
RI-780i 'Removing FLAG's Richard Reiss the wrong way' of 12 Jan 1997
RI-779i 'Nazi's Reborn in Hubbard Scientology Organizations' of 10 Jan 1997

RI-778i 'Plato's pupil Socrates Disconnects from L. Ron Hubbard' of 9 Jan 1997
RI-777i (Not issued)
RI-776i 'Why Boris Yeltsin fell sick yesterday' of 9 Jan 1997
RI-775i 'Devils blame God' of 21 April 1988, issued 8 Jan 1997

RI-774i 'How L. Ron Hubbard's Sea Org Takes Over From You' of 5 Jan 1997
RI-773i (Not issued)
RI-772i 'Serenity Devils of L. Ron Hubbard understood better' of 5 Jan 1997
RI-771i 'Use of Telepathy' of 4 Jan 1996

RI-770i 'Why Genghis Khan was liked by L. Ron Hubbard' of 29 Nov 1996
RI-769i-A 'Restoring Aliveness Rundown Part I - Session Summary' of 24 Feb 1997
RI-769Ri 'Restoring Aliveness Rundown, SUPER POWER - Part I' revised 24 Feb 1997

RI-768i 'Past Lives - Lost Opportunities' of 29 Dec 1996
RI-767i 'My mother crediting me' of 21 Dec 1996
RI-766i 'The Hidden Serenity Doctrine - VERY IMPORTANT' of 27 Dec 1996
RI-765i 'L. Ron Hubbard is perfect - Clear - since 1965' of 24 Oct 1996

RI-764i 'Interview: Mark Rathbun - RTC against Scientologists' of 17 Dec 1996
RI-763i 'Interview: Boris Yeltsin on foreign policy' of 26 Dec 1996
RI-762i 'Freedom lost forever by ALL Hubbard Scientologists' of 24 Dec 1996
RI-762BPI 'Severe Threat by Hubbard Scientology Organizations' of 30 Dec 1996

RI-762Si 'ALL Scientologists destroyed forever by L. Ron Hubbard' of 25 Dec 1996
RI-761i 'Slaves of FLAG's Richard Reiss - VERY IMPORTANT' of 19 Dec 1996
RI-760i 'Definition of the Usenet-Psychotic' of 14 Dec 1996
RI-759i 'Understanding a Typical Marriage Problem' of 12 Dec 1996

RI-758i 'Insanity and Psychosis fully understood' of 13 Dec 1996
RI-757Ri 'Sane People Are Dangerous to Scientology's Richard Reiss' of 11 Dec 1996
RI-756Ri 'Feel angry? Richard Reiss Black Magic at work.' of 11 Dec 1996
RI-755i 'Who wins - Koos, or Reiss [the FLAG SP]?' of 9 Dec 1996

RI-754i 'Bitter truth about L. Ron Hubbard and Richard Reiss' of 4 Dec 1996
RI-753i-A 'Spiritually Healing' of 4 Dec 1996
RI-753i 'Interview Mike Rinder (of RTC and OSA): The Power Game' of 2 Dec 1996
RI-752i 'Case Supervision, the correct basics' of 30 Nov 1996

RI-751i 'Progress on removing Richard Reiss' of 1 Dec 1996
RI-750i 'Crimes are not motivated by money' of 30 Nov 1996
RI-749i (Not issued)
RI-748i (Not issued)

RI-747i 'Black Scientology to cover up truth' of 14 Sept 1996
RI-746i-A 'The 13 March 1997 Target' of 28 Nov 1996
RI-746i 'Biggest Present Enemy of Mankind - Richard Reiss' of 26 Nov 1996
RI-745i 'FLAG and Richard Reiss equals Black Scientology' of 19 Nov 1996

RI-744i (Not issued)
RI-743i '"Winning" and "Overwhelming" done by L. Ron Hubbard' of 11 Nov 1996

RI-740i-742i (Not issued)
RI-739i 'Travolta Interview - His Irresponsibility exposed now' of 26 Nov 1996
RI-738Si 'Christianity - Love, and Guilt solved' of 22 Dec 1996
RI-738i 'Christianity - Love, and Guilt solved' of 17 Nov 1996

RI-737i 'Consequences of supporting Psychotic "help"' of 17 Nov 1996
RI-736i 'Who defends the Church of Scientology' of 15 Nov 1996
RI-735i '"Leadership" - Definition of Third Party' of 12 Nov 1996
RI-734i 'Orienting Children' of 13 Nov 1996

RI-733i 'Boris Jelzin [ Yeltsin ] - postoperative pain handling' of 12 Nov 1996
RI-732i 'The Evil in L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology Philosophy' of 10 Nov 1996
RI-731i 'How L. Ron Hubbard Now Hates You All' of 6 Nov 1996
RI-730i (Not issued)

RI-729i-A 'Boris Jelzin after his heart-operation' of 6 Nov 1996
RI-729i 'Boris Jelzin during his heart-operation' of 5 Nov 1996
RI-728i 'Jentzsch: Mafia-Church can not change from inside' of 29 Oct 1996
RI-727Ri 'Van Gogh's "Starry Night"-painting' of 29 Oct 1996
RI-726i 'How Buddhism was destroyed' of 27 Oct 1996

RI-725i 'L. Ron Hubbard controlling Scientologists by fear' of 27 October 1996
RI-724i 'Miscavige compared to between-lives Implanters' of 27 Oct 1996
RI-723i 'How Miscavige stole the Church of Scientology' of 27 Oct 1996
RI-722i 'Miscavige, the Slave of L. Ron Hubbard' of 27 Oct 1996

RI-721i 'What L. Ron Hubbard expected of Miscavige' of 27 Oct 1996
RI-720i 'Forcing Miscavige onto the Church of Scientology' of 27 Oct 1996
RI-719i 'L. Ron Hubbard accepted a Suppressive Person over him' of 27 Oct 1996
RI-718i 'Miscavige, the 97 billion years ago incident' of 27 Oct 1996

RI-717i 'Jutta accepting the SP Miscavige over her' of 27 Oct 1996
RI-716i 'L. Ron Hubbard accepting the SP Miscavige over him' of 27 Oct 1996
RI-715i 'L. Ron Hubbard and Koos Nolst Trenite - Relationship' of 27 Oct 1996
RI-714i 'State of Sanity, Definition of' of 24 Oct 1996

RI-713i 'Handling Attacks Correctly - Space and Love' of 18 Oct 1996
RI-712Gi 'Criminals at the very top of Scientology Church' of 18 Oct 1996
RI-712Fi 'Support for cleaning up Scientologists - From Where?' of 18 Oct 1996
RI-712Ei 'Responsibility is destroyed by L. Ron Hubbard' of 18 Oct 1996

RI-712Di 'What Went Wrong With L. Ron Hubbard' of 18 Oct 1996
RI-712Ci 'Own Church Management Lames Scientologists' of 18 Oct 1996
RI-712Bi 'Koos is Ethics' of 18 Oct 1996
RI-712Ai 'Interview Heber Jentzsch, President Scientology Church' of 18 Oct 1996

RI-711i 'Germany to be smashed by Scientology Organization' of 18 Oct 1996
RI-710i 'A Protective Shell - Anchorpoints used wrongly' of 16 Oct 1996
RI-709i 'Science about Man as a spirit can not be valid' of 17 Oct 1996
RI-708i 'Resolving Insanity - MAJOR CONTRIBUTION by Alan Walter' of 14 Oct 1996

RI-707i 'Lesevre-Interview: on L. Ron Hubbard and his Sea Org' of 13 Oct 1996
RI-706i 'Handling Criminal Liars By Understanding Them' of 11 Oct 1996
RI-705i 'Society Resurgence, Use of Rules' of 9 Oct 1996
RI-704Ri 'Real Art is not hard to understand' of 30 Sept 1996

RI-703Si 'US Court asked to hit Scientology Church Leaders' (short) of 5 Oct 1996
RI-703i-A 'David Alexander's False Purposes' of 14 Oct 1996
RI-703i 'US Court asked to hit Scientology Church Leaders' of 5 Oct 1996
RI-702i '"Word Clearing" is Concept Clearing' of 25 Sept 1996

RI-701i 'John Travolta Interview - Truth Exposed' (20 USD)(61 KB) of 26 Sept 1996
RI-700i 'How Jutta destroys L. Ron Hubbard - Serenity' of 23 Sept 1996
RI-699i 'How Jutta destroys FLAG's Richard Reiss' of 23 Sept 1996
RI-698i 'Treat a Psychotic as a Psychotic (on my mother)' of 19 Sept 1996

RI-697i 'Telepathic Auditing for my Father - On Friendships' of 17 Sept 1996
RI-696i 'How Koos destroyed the Artist-opponent L. Ron Hubbard' of 16 Sept 1996
RI-695i 'How Koos destroyed the Hitler-supporter L. Ron Hubbard' of 12 Sept 1996
RI-694i 'How Koos destroyed the Irresponsible L. Ron Hubbard' of 12 Sept 1996

RI-693i 'How Koos destroyed the Liar L. Ron Hubbard' of 12 Sept 1996
RI-692i 'How Koos destroys the Enemy L. Ron Hubbard' of 12 Sept 1996
RI-691i 'Admiral Canaris Biographies, Recommended' of 11 Sept 1996
RI-690i 'Boris Jelzin's heart-operation - (mentions Dianetics)' of 10 Sept 1996

RI-689i 'Auditing a psychotic telepathically' of 7 Sept 1996
RI-688i 'Handling parents - a psychotic mother' of 7 Sept 1996
RI-687i 'Notes on E-meter use and Solo-Auditing' of 4 Sept 1996
RI-686i 'German Banks kick out Church of Scientology' of 6 Sept 1996

RI-685Ri '"Very little Power over Koos" - L. Ron Hubbard' of 3 Sept 1996
RI-684i 'Church of Scientology gone mad forever' of 3 Sept 1996
RI-683i 'The Actual Future of Scientology - L. Ron Hubbard' of 2 Sept 1996
RI-682i 'L. Ron Hubbard's Serenity group, More - Part C' of 27 Aug 1996

RI-681i 'L. Ron Hubbard's Serenity group, More - Part B' of 27 Aug 1996
RI-680i 'L. Ron Hubbard's Serenity Group, More - Part A' of 27 Aug 1996
RI-679i 'Biggest Destroyer of Scientology, Ray Mithoff, exposed' of 26 Aug 1996
RI-678i 'Vincent Van Gogh and his Misery' 22 of Aug 1996

RI-677i 'L. Ron Hubbard: "Once Right, always Right"' of 20 Aug 1996
RI-676i '"Doomed forever by L. Ron Hubbard"' of 20 Aug 1996
RI-675i 'Black Scientology by Ray Mithoff, detected' of 10 Aug 1996
RI-674i 'Benjamin Franklin returning from France - Part III' of 30 Jul 1996

RI-673i 'L.Ron Hubbard: "Koos wants to give my work to Humanity"' of 22 Aug 1996
RI-672i 'Interview with Scientology's CO CMO INT, Marc Yager' of 19 Aug 1996
RI-671i 'Koos's responsibility for Mankind and Scientology' of 19 Aug 1996
RI-670i 'The Vicious Arrogance of "Serenity" and L. Ron Hubbard' of 18 Aug 1996

RI-669i '"Koos is about to shake the Church of Scientology"' of 18 Aug 1996
RI-668i 'COMPLETE Scientology Data for Everyone, FOR FREE' of 16 Aug 1996
RI-668i-A 'COMPLETE Scientology Data FOR FREE - For AOL-users' of 18 Aug 1996
RI-667i 'Helping Boris Jelzin (Russia) through Auditing' of 15 Aug 1996

RI-666i (Not issued)
RI-665i 'Diana Ross avoided L. Ron Hubbard' of 14 Aug 1996
RI-664i 'Recommended History Books' of 12 Aug 1996
RI-663i 'Scientologists MUST follow orders, NOT help people' of 10 Aug 1996

RI-662i 'Looking at Marc Yager, CO CMO INT of CofS' of 10 Aug 1996
RI-661i 'Domination by L. Ron Hubbard understood' of 4 Aug 1996
RI-660i 'How Koos is senior to L. Ron Hubbard' of 9 Aug 1996
RI-659i 'Obsession: "People will destroy L. Ron Hubbard's work"' of 25 Jul 1996

RI-658Ri 'The Murderer L. Ron Hubbard Against Koos Nolst Trenite, now' revised 1 Sept 1998
RI-657i 'Anti-social OSA-agent "Clear Baby"' of 3 Aug 1996
RI-656i 'Benjamin Franklin returning from France - Part II' of 30 Jul 1996
RI-655i 'Scientology Church's actual Head, Ray Mithoff - III' of 6 Aug 1996

RI-654i 'Scientology Church's actual Head, Ray Mithoff - II' of 6 Aug 1996
RI-653i 'Scientology Church's actual Head, Ray Mithoff - I' of 6 Aug 1996
RI-652i 'Resolving Betrayal by L. Ron Hubbard - Part IX' of 31 Jun 1996
RI-651i '"Ethics Protection" in Scientology's Mafia' of 19 Jul 1996

RI-650Ri 'All Scientologists destroy your Civil Rights everywhere' of 5 Aug 1996
RI-649i 'Serenity, Communism, Nirwana, and L. Ron Hubbard' 16 Jun 1996
RI-648i 'Simplicity of E-meter use, by UNDERSTANDING it' 1 Aug 1996
RI-647i 'Benjamin Franklin returning from France - Part I' 30 Jul 1996

RI-646i 'FACING those who are mean or dishonest' 31 July 1996
RI-645i 'The Operating Satan L. Ron Hubbard, more evidence' updated 19 Oct 1997
RI-644i 'Artists killed by Serenity, L. Ron Hubbard and Reiss' 30 Jul 1996
RI-643i 'L. Ron Hubbard's Basic Fixed Idea about People' 24 Jul 1996

RI-642i 'The Mystery of Scientology Organization - Revealed' 24 Jul 1996
RI-641i 'Resolving Betrayal by L. Ron Hubbard - Part VIII' 13 Jun 1996
RI-640i 'All Scientologists Declared "Fair Game"' 24 Jul 1996
RI-639i 'Kicking the being L. Ron Hubbard out, in practice' 23 Jul 1996

RI-638i 'A "new start" in Serenity with L. Ron Hubbard' of 23 Jul 1996
RI-637i 'Potential Trouble Source Steve Fishman' of 25 Jul 1996
RI-636i 'Philipp II of Spain's "Standard Faith"' of 16 Jul 1996
RI-635i 'Looking at Koos Nolst Trenite again' of 17 July 1996

RI-634i 'The Operating Satan L. Ron Hubbard' updated 16 Feb 1999
RI-633i 'The Truth behind L. Ron Hubbard - VITAL VITAL DATA' 16 Jul 1996
RI-632i 'The being L. Ron Hubbard, Current State' 14 July 1996
RI-631i 'Definition of "Woman"' of 12 Jul 1996

RI-630i 'TOM CRUISE declared SP till disbanding CofS' 13 Jul 1996
RI-629i 'Definition of "Care"' of 12 Jul 1996
RI-628i 'Repair "Kicked out by L. Ron Hubbard"' 10 Jul 1996
RI-627i 'OSA's Kurt Weiland against Joan of Arc, still now' 9 Jul 1996

RI-626i 'OSA INT DIR Kurt Weiland declared Enemy of Mankind' 9 Jul 1996
RI-625i 'How L. Ron Hubbard drives ALL Scientologists insane' 8 Jul 1996
RI-624i 'Freedom from L. Ron Hubbard - Viewpoint BASICS' 7 Jul 1996
RI-623i 'Invalidating the Help Koos Gave and Gives' 5 Jul 1996

RI-622i 'Help others ONLY on Order of L. Ron Hubbard' 5 Jul 1996
RI-621i 'More Anti-social Acts of L. Ron Hubbard' of 4 Jul 1996
RI-620i 'Ray Mithoff: "All is fine and in good hands"' 4 Jul 1996
RI-619Ri 'L. Ron Hubbard created you - from "RAW MEAT"' 3 Jul 1996

RI-618i 'Dennis Erlich and L. Ron Hubbard Scrutinized' 2 Jul 1996
RI-617i 'Controlling Evil Intentions, how' of 28 Jun 1996
RI-616i 'What L. Ron Hubbard wants to keep restimulated in you' 28 Jun 1996
RI-615i 'The Problem Every Scientologist Faces (Should Face)' 28 Jun 1996

RI-614i 'Resolving Betrayal by L. Ron Hubbard - Part VII' 12 Jun 1996
RI-613i (Not issued)
RI-612i 'Paying Your Shareware Contributions to Koos' 27 Jun 1 1996
RI-611i 'Handling Apathy caused by L. Ron Hubbard' 27 June 1996

RI-610i 'Understanding the E-meter, correctly' of 26 Jun 1996
RI-609Ri 'Misuse of Corporate Law by the Scientology Syndicate' of 25 Jun 1996
RI-608i (Not issued)
RI-607i 'Resolving Betrayal by L. Ron Hubbard - VI' 2 Jun 1996

RI-606i 'Resolving Betrayal by L. Ron Hubbard - V' 2 Jun 1996
RI-605i 'L. Ron Hubbard CAN NOT Survive anymore' 22 June 1996
RI-604i-A 'Munich OSA-psycho made saner by L. Ron Hubbard' 5 Dec 1996
RI-604i 'OSA Munich driven psycho again by L. Ron Hubbard' 21 Jun 1996

RI-603i 'Capitalist - Industrialist - Employee' of 21 Oct 1995
RI-602i 'Definition of Power' of 20 June 1996
RI-601i 'Current Church of Scientology Goals - Ray Mithoff' 19 Jun 1996
RI-600i 'Resolving Betrayal by L. Ron Hubbard - IV' 1 Jun 1996

RI-599i 'L. Ron Hubbard NEEDS SP's to combat "Squirrels"' 16 Jun 1996
RI-598i 'Resolving Betrayal by L. Ron Hubbard - Part III' 1 Jun 1996
RI-597i 'Resolving Betrayal by L. Ron Hubbard - II' 1 Jun 1996
RI-596i 'The Murderers - The Key to them' of 13 Jun 1996

RI-595i-B 'RTC and OSA dirty tricks against Julie Mayo' 12 Jun 1996
RI-595i-A 'RTC and OSA dirty tricks against David Mayo' 12 Jun 1996
RI-595i 'Faint Responsibility from Mayo for Scientology now' 12 Jun 1996
RI-594i 'L. Ron Hubbard Unites with Superdevil Reiss' 11 Jun 1996

RI-593i 'German Chancellor Helmut Kohl on L. Ron Hubbard' 11 Jun 1996
RI-592i 'How To Look At People' of 5 Jun 1996
RI-591i 'Understanding Scientology Ethics IS Handling It' 10 Jun 1996
RI-590i 'Selling Scientology L. Ron Hubbard style, since 1966' 3 Jun 1996

RI-589i 'ED INT - Drowning with LRH and his Sea Org' 2 Jun 1996
RI-588i 'Resolving Betrayal by L. Ron Hubbard - I' 31 May 1996
RI-587Ri 'Actress Jane Fonda: "This Earth is ours"' revised 5 Oct 1997
RI-586i 'Why L. Ron Hubbard wants to destroy your creations' 28 May 1996

RI-585i 'Interview with OSA's Kurt Weiland' of 27 May 1996
RI-584i 'L. Ron Hubbard drove Anhut(Freimann) psycho...' 27 May 1996
RI-583Di 'Arbeitspapier - Strafanzeige gegen Scientology Kirche - Anhang' 26 May 1996
RI-582Di 'Arbeitspapier - Strafanzeige gegen Scientology Kirche' 26 May 1996

RI-581i 'L. Ron Hubbard attacks Diana Ross (the great singer)' 27 May 1996
RI-580i 'UNDERSTANDING CofS Spam is HANDLING it' of 26 May 1996
RI-579i 'David Mayo is very RIGHT and very BLIND - Why' 25 May 1996
RI-578i 'Proof of a dwindling AOSHUK (East Grinstead)' of 24 May 1996

RI-577i 'Picketing Churches of Scientology' of 24 May 1996
RI-576i 'The great Diana Ross is on our side (of course)' 23 May 1996
RI-575i 'How L. Ron Hubbard breaks Scientologists' integrity' 23 May 1996
RI-574Ri 'Michael Jackson keeps L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology fascism) away' of 23 May 1996

RI-573i 'Heber Jentzsch about L. Ron Hubbard's past lifetime' 23 May 1996
RI-572i 'The Sea Org - a refuge for criminals' of 22 May 1996
RI-571i 'Getting Heber Jentzsch to confront L. Ron Hubbard' 22 May 1996
RI-570i 'How L. Ron Hubbard NOW tries to destroy Civilization' 22 May 1996

RI-569i 'Why L. Ron Hubbard put Miscavige in charge of the CofS' 20 May 1996
RI-568i 'Correct and Joyful Confessional Procedure - Part IV' of 14 June 1997
RI-567i 'Helping Scientologists beat L. Ron Hubbard' 19 May 1996
RI-566i 'Former Guardian Jane Kember on L. Ron Hubbard and Koos' 19 May 1996

RI-565i replaced by RI-1143i 'IQ test - Raising IQ by Detecting Atrocious Lies' of 27 Jan 1999
RI-564i-A 'Datestamp: Credibility of Koos - May 18th Event' 21 May 1996
RI-564i 'Credibility of Koos - May 18th Event' of 17 May 1996
RI-563Ri 'CONFIDENTIALITY of All OT-Materials CANCELED' 14 May 1996

RI-562i 'L. Ron Hubbard - From Very Good to Extremely Evil' 11 May 1996
RI-561i 'FLAG Owes Koos 73,000 US Dollars for Auditing Reiss' 11 May 1996
RI-560Ri 'The "Great and Admirable" Napoleon Bonaparte (1810)' revised 25 Nov 1997
RI-559Ri 'Napoleon Bonaparte and Metternich - Two Suppressive Persons' revised 5 Oct 1997

RI-558i 'Justifying Napoleon (1810, France)' of 11 May 1996
RI-557i 'The Truth about Napoleon (1810, France)' of 11 May 1996
RI-556i 'MAN is Basically Good - Not L. Ron Hubbard, OT XXIII' 11 May 1996
RI-555i 'Confronting Mental Energy - Napoleon/Miscavige' 10 May 1996

RI-554i 'Reiss (Snr C/S FLAG) destroys others so that HE can be' 8 May 1996
RI-553i 'Decency and Honesty - Condition of Hiding' 7 May 1996
RI-552i 'Auditing Reiss, Snr C/S FLAG, Nature of a Suppressive' 6 May 1996
RI-551i 'When Koos knew he was Leonardo da Vinci' of 5 May 1996

RI-550RBi 'Nuremberg UN Criminal Court for L. Ron Hubbard and Syndicate of Scientology' update 11 Apr 1998
RI-549Ri 'Early Dianetics at Oak Knoll Naval Hospital' 4 May 1996
RI-548i 'CofS Owes Koos 100,000 US Dollars for Auditing ED INT' 3 May 1996
RI-547i 'What the being L. Ron Hubbard is NOW doing to Scientologists' 4 May 1996

RI-546i 'Support for the being LRH now is Treason to Mankind' 4 May 1996
RI-545i 'Correct and Joyful Confessional Procedure - III' 20 May 1996
RI-544i-A 'CofS Owes Koos Three Million US $ - Full List' 3 May 1996
RI-544i 'CofS Owes Koos Three Million US Dollars' of 3 May 1996

RI-543i 'Dictators' of 22 Jul 1994, issued 2 May 1996
RI-542i 'Correct and Joyful Confessional Procedure - II' 2 May 1996
RI-541i 'Correct and Joyful Confessional Procedure - I' 20 Apr 1996
RI-540i 'Talking to Amateur Clearing Practitioners and Auditors' 29 Apr 1996

RI-539i 'Suppressive Seniors are Your Juniors' of 25 Sept 1995
RI-538i-C 'Official Expulsion of the being LRH from Scientology - Add C' 2 May 1996
RI-538i-B 'Official Expulsion of the being LRH from Scientology - Add B' 29 Apr 1996
RI-538i-A 'Official Expulsion of the being LRH from Scientology - Add' 29 Apr 1996

RI-538Ri 'Official Expulsion of the being L. Ron Hubbard from Mankind' of 17 Apr 1997
RI-537i 'The Right to Demand Awareness' of 15 Apr 1996
RI-536i 'A talk with Koos on L. Ron Hubbard's secrets' 12 Apr 1996
RI-535i '"An Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend" = INSANE' 10 Apr 1996

RI-534i 'Justifying "Source" LRH's evil intentions' 8 Apr 1996
RI-533i 'Netiquette, Hate, Institutional Responses, and OSA' 7 Apr 1996
RI-532i 'Confessional on LRH's Destructive Control' 6 Apr 1996
RI-531i 'How Kurt Weiland justifies Suppression of Scientologists' 5 Apr 1996

RI-530i 'The Purpose of OSA's Covert Intelligence Bureau' 5 Apr 1996
RI-529i-A 'What the being LRH is doing NOW - Addition' 22 Apr 1996
RI-529i 'URGENT - What the being LRH is doing NOW' of 6 Apr 1996
RI-528i 'How a responsible Scientologist can handle a death' 30 Mar 1996

RI-527i 'Pulling Known Withholds - Ivory Tower' of 19 Dec 1995
RI-526i 'The Reverse Effect of "SP Declares" in Scientology' 29 Nov 1995
RI-525i 'Confronting a Suppressive - More with LRH' 17 Mar 1996
RI-524i 'What Sea Org recruits should not consider' 21 Mar 1996

RI-523i 'Summary of Scientology's current problems, to ED INT' 21 Mar 1996
RI-522i 'Former RTC lawyer exposes RTC and OSA crimes' 22 Mar 1996
RI-521i 'On Jutta's Refusal to Help Mankind effectively' 20 Mar 1996
RI-520i 'Criminal WISE, Sea Org, IAS, OSA in Germany and FLAG' 19 Mar 1996

RI-519i '"ENTHETA" = unpleasant truth = unwanted truth' 19 Mar 1996
RI-518i 'Mary Sue and L. Ron Hubbard's justifications' 17 Mar 1996
RI-517i 'LRH: "All I want is validation, no looking"' 17 Mar 1996
RI-516i 'A Definition of Institutional-type Case' 17 Mar 1996

RI-515i 'The new Scientology Web-page' of 16 Mar 1996
RI-514Ri 'Confessionals and Blackmail - VERY VERY IMPORTANT' updated 17 Jun 1997
RI-513i 'LRH: KSW is a False Purpose' of 15 Mar 1996
RI-512i 'Scientologists HATE the Church's RTC, IAS, OSA and IJC' 14 Mar 1996

RI-511i 'How "Source" LRH Treats His Friends' of 14 Mar 1996
RI-510i 'L. Ron Hubbard: Proud of the Guardian Office' 14 Mar 1996
RI-509i '"LRH destroying Koos, is also no solution"' 12 Mar 1996
RI-508i 'L. Ron Hubbard's Lethal Admiration and Serenity' 12 Mar 1996

RI-507i 'Koos turns Black Scientology into White Scientology' of 12 Mar 1996
RI-506i 'Germany - Current Situation of Scientology: criminal' 9 Mar 1996
RI-505i 'Running false ARCX's of Suppressive Persons' 9 Mar 1996
RI-504i 'Historic Data on Scientology's Legal Strategy' 7 Mar 1996

RI-503i 'Walking amongst the dead' of 6 Mar 1996
RI-502i 'Lethal Admiration for LRH from Ray Mithoff' 6 Mar 1996
RI-501i 'Trying to kick Koos out of the group - Part I' 5 Mar 1996
RI-500i 'Ray Mithoff replaced David Miscavige' of 5 Mar 1996

RI-499i 'John Travolta's Unconditional Admiration' of 5 Mar 1996
RI-498i 'Fishman turns to hate, with Dennis Erlich' 3 Mar 1996
RI-497i 'NO Statistics of "Auditing hours PREVENTED"' 1 Mar 1996
RI-496i 'The Ethics of Fishman towards all Scientologists' 29 Feb 1996

RI-495i 'Getting LRH slowly off wrong targets, now' 27 Feb 1996
RI-494i 'LRH: "A more Ethical Scientology will evolve!"' 22 Feb 1996
RI-493i-A 'LRH validates Koos's Evaluation of Scientology-Orgs' 2 Mar 1996
RI-493i 'How LRH makes Scientology fail utterly' of 25 Feb 1996

RI-492Ri '"Koos (Francis of Assisi) was humble, yet bigger than the Pope!"' revised 29 Sept 1997
RI-491i 'Church-staff: "I had nothing against KOOS!"' 24 Feb 1996
RI-490i 'Posting lies about Scientology is no use!' 23 Feb 1996
RI-489i 'L. Ron Hubbard's Big Loss of David Miscavige' 22 Feb 1996

RI-488i 'Very able people at serious risk in Scientology' 23 Feb 1996
RI-487i 'Dialogue: On Enemies and Hostility' of 20 Feb 1996
RI-486i 'How Scientologists destroy(ed) LRH' of 17 Feb 1996
RI-485i 'LRH's ACTUAL Condition in January 1986' of 17 Feb 1996

RI-484i 'All of CoS is one Mafia: "We stand tall!"' 16 Feb 1996
RI-483i-D 'What Went Extremely Wrong since 1966 in Scientology - IV' 16 Feb 1996
RI-483i-C 'What Went Extremely Wrong since 1966 in Scientology - III' 16 Feb 1996
RI-483i-B 'What Went Extremely Wrong since 1966 in Scientology - II' 16 Feb 1996

RI-483i-A 'What Went Extremely Wrong since 1966 in Scientology - I' 16 Feb 1996
RI-483i 'What Went Extremely Wrong since 1966 in Scientology - Summary' 16 Feb 1996
RI-482i 'On Following Orders and "Standard Tech"' of 17 Feb 1996
RI-481i 'How Scientology staff escapes Justice and Ethics' 15 Feb 1996

RI-480Ri 'Koos Nolst Trenite - Life-story' of 14 Feb 1996
RI-479i-A 'With HONESTY, LRH Would GAIN 100,000's of Scientologists' of 14 Feb 1996
RI-479i 'LRH: "I Would Lose 100,000 Scientologists"' of 8 Feb 1996
RI-478i 'Agreements with L. Ron Hubbard?' of 8 Feb 1996

RI-477i 'L. Ron Hubbard as a Security Risk' of 7 Feb 1996
RI-476Ri 'Gruesome Truth You Don't Believe About L. Ron Hubbard' revised 16 Sept 1997
RI-475i 'L. Ron Hubbard, Strong AND Weak' of 6 Feb 1996
RI-474i 'LRH: Intention To Free Mankind & To Enslave Mankind' 5 Feb 1996

RI-473i 'LRH: "I was like a Black Hole"' of 4 Feb 1996
RI-472i 'How LRH defended his reputation in 1983' of 3 Feb 1996
RI-471i 'Two Ways of Analyzing Life-situations' of 30 Jan 1996
RI-470i 'Confronting L. Ron Hubbard with "Bill Robertson"' 31 Jan 1996

RI-469i 'MARK INGBER, spiritual "whore" for LRH' 31 Jan 1996
RI-468i 'General "SP-declare" on all Scientologists who...' of 31 Jan 1996
RI-467i 'Heber Jentzsch - President of the Church of Scientology' 31 Jan 1996
RI-466i 'SUPERNOVA in M33 - L. Ron Hubbard's Betrayal' 30 Jan 1996

RI-465Ri 'Guillaume: An LRH-dominated piece, or a player?' 26 Jan 1996
RI-464Ri 'Joan of Arc (1430, France) betrayed by the being L. Ron Hubbard' revised 26 Nov 1998
RI-463i 'Mary Sue Hubbard Rehabilitated by Koos' of 26 Jan 1996
RI-462Ri 'Corpses in L. Ron Hubbard's Cupboard - Betrayal exposed' revised 10 Apr 1998

RI-456i-461i (Not issued)
RI-455i 'Sec Check on typical Free Zoner Allen Wright' 22 Jan 1996
RI-454i 'LRH and Koos on Bill's Free Zone' of 21 Jan 1996
RI-453i 'Briefing to the Free Zone - by Bill Robertson' 19 Jan 1996

RI-452Si (Under revision)
RI-452i (Under revision)
RI-451i 'Briefing to Bill's Free Zone - by LRH himself' 16 Jan 1996
RI-450i 'The DESIRE to have Suppressive Seniors' of 14 Jan 1996

RI-449i 'A Rule For Freedom' of 14 Jan 1996
RI-448i 'LRH is Back on Purpose' of 10 Jan 1996
RI-447i 'LRH: HELPING people - NOT "safeguarding my work"' 6 Jan 1996
RI-446i 'LRH Has Changed - His "Rightness" Has Gone' 10 Jan 1996

RI-445i 'Jutta more cause over L. Ron Hubbard' of 5 Jan 1996
RI-444i 'The Practice of "SP-declares"' of 5 Jan 1996
RI-443Ri 'LRH: "To Safeguard BY ALL MEANS" is not ME!' 4 Jan 1996
RI-442i 'Feeling Great and Having No Love For Others' 29 Jul 1994

RI-441i 'Edison versus L. Ron Hubbard' of 4 Jan 1996
RI-440i 'How Manipulating People Would Make LRH Right' 4 Jan 1996
RI-439i 'LRH makes Scientologists fight each other' 4 Jan 1996
RI-438i 'LRH stuck in OT III' of 3 Jan 1996

RI-437i 'OT III still not 'flat' on LRH - part II' 2 Jan 1996
RI-436i 'OT III still not 'flat' on LRH - part I' 2 Jan 1996
RI-435i 'Talk with Bill. LRH dramatizes OT III.' of 31 Dec 1995
RI-434i 'Apparently Sane When Irresponsible - LRH' 1 Jan 1996

RI-433i 'Why LRH employed anti-Scientologist Kobrin (RTC-lawyer)' 1 Jan 1996
RI-432i 'Punished for Reaching for Scientology' of 1 Jan 1996
RI-431i 'ED INT Guillaume Completely Overwhelmed by LRH' 1 Jan 1996
RI-430i 'Captain Bill on Ron's Org and OT-Levels' 26 Dec 1995

RI-429i 'The Actual Intentions of RTC and LRH' of 29 Dec 1995
RI-428Ri 'The whole of RTC is fake, according to LRH' 28 Dec 1995
RI-427i 'More on RTC's takeover' of 28 Dec 1995
RI-426i 'Sec Checking LRH - Layers of Withholds' of 26 Dec 1995

RI-425i 'Standard Tech WAS NEVER ALLOWED inside the CofS' 25 Dec 1995
RI-424i-A 'More on LRH's Evil Intentions on Scientologists' 27 Dec 1995
RI-424i 'LRH wants non-Church Scientologists destroyed' of 27 Dec 1995
RI-423i 'Koos makes more friends than enemies for us' 23 Dec 1995

RI-422i 'Where Was LRH Hiding before 1986' of 23 Dec 1995
RI-421i 'The Charges against LRH' of 21 Dec 1995
RI-420i 'Why Koos is a friend to LRH despite all' 20 Dec 1995
RI-419i 'OSA Won't Tell You What Scientology Is or Does' 19 Dec 1995

RI-418i 'Ethics Conditions for LRH' of 20 Dec 1995
RI-417i 'LRH Fused with Miscavige' of 19 Dec 1995
RI-416i 'LRH "Being in harmony with Miscavige"' of 15 Dec 1995
RI-415i 'How LRH is destroying Scientology' of 15 Dec 1995

RI-414i 'The Withhold of L. Ron Hubbard pulled' of 18 Dec 1995
RI-413RBi 'Michael Jackson broke with L. Ron Hubbard Scientology' of 18 Dec 1995
RI-412i 'Newsflash - The Withhold of LRH' of 18 Dec 1995
RI-411i 'How to win the Dutch Case' of 17 Dec 1995

RI-410Ri 'Quod licet Iovi...' of 15 Dec 1995, revised 20 Feb 1996
RI-409i 'Seeing LRH' of 16 Dec 1995
RI-408i 'Emotional Charge about LRH - handling' of 13 Dec 1995
RI-407Ri 'Clean-up of ALL Scientologists about L. Ron Hubbard' of 13 Dec 1995

RI-406i 'Serenity aids your survival - Part II. IMPORTANT' 10 Dec 1995
RI-405i 'To correct false Policy and Tech, I want help' 11 Dec 1995
RI-404i 'Serenity aids your survival - Part I' of 10 Dec 1995
RI-403i 'Serenity helps to escape domination' of 10 Dec 1995

RI-402i-A 'Serenity makes you Right - Addition' of 11 Dec 1995
RI-402i 'Serenity makes you Right' of 10 Dec 1995
RI-401i 'The Tricks of the Suppressive' of 24 Oct 1995
RI-400i 'LRH on those who "defend" him' of 6 Dec 1995

RI-399i 'LRH on Solving Things by SERENITY' of 5 Dec 1995
RI-398Ri 'Oak Knoll, April 1945, LRH and Koos' of 5 Dec 1995
RI-397i 'What LRH had to do with it' of 5 Dec 1995
RI-396i 'Rewarding Koos' of 4 Dec 1995

RI-395Ri '"Ivory Tower" defined' (revised) of 2 Dec 1995
RI-394i 'CofS Staff Declared Criminal' of 1 Dec 1995
RI-393i 'LRH on Denying Scientologists Comm to Koos' of 2 Dec 1995
RI-392i 'LRH on Exchange for Koos's wrok' of 2 Dec 1995

RI-391i 'Cleaning up the Internet further' of 24 Sept 1995
RI-390i 'LRH's Wrong Indications About Koos since 1976' 30 Nov 1995
RI-389i 'LRH is a Player in the Game Again' of 30 Nov 1995
RI-388i 'Getting Munich Org and LRH out of Treason' of 29 Nov 1995

RI-387i (Not issued)
RI-386i 'What you must NOT know about ED INT (Guillaume)' 27 Nov 1995
RI-385i 'LRH's current Evil Intention' of 25 Nov 1995
RI-384i 'Koos & Guillaume on Cancelling All SP-declares' 25 Nov 1995

RI-383i 'Koos on LRH being the Third Party' of 25 Nov 1995
RI-382i 'Gradients and Low Conditions' of 2 Nov 1995
RI-381i 'Koos and Bill Robertson on Scientology's Future' 25 Nov 1995
RI-380Ri 'Obtaining Truth from the RI-Bulletins' revised 24 Nov 1996

RI-379Ri 'Religious Tolerance' revised 22 Oct 1996
RI-378i (Under revision)
RI-377i 'How LRH will Remedy his current Suppressive Acts' 21 Nov 1995
RI-376i 'Guillaume (ED INT) wants to Remedy his Crimes?' 23 Nov 1995

RI-375i 'Mark Ingber Declared SP by Ron's Inspector' 23 Nov 1995
RI-374Di 'Bezueglich: Strafanzeige gegen Scientology Kirche Muenchen' 21 Nov 1995
RI-373i 'LRH's STATE OF CLEAR Rehabilitated' of 22 Nov 1995
RI-372i 'The Anti-Scientologist as the Model-Scientologist' 19 Nov 1995

RI-371i 'Mark Ingber (...) on Jon Atack and LRH' of 21 Nov 1995
RI-370i 'LRH and Karin Schiele on Koos' of 21 Nov 1995
RI-369i 'The Background of Scientology's Intolerance' 20 Nov 1995
RI-368i 'The War is On - Truth Revealed' of 20 Nov 1995

RI-367i 'Maisriemler of Munich Org recants - for a day' 20 Nov 1995
RI-366Ri (Under revision)
RI-365i 'LRH: All Actual OT's Are Kicked Out of Scientology' 18 Nov 1995
RI-364i 'Munich OSA Dir Buergel defends psychiatry' 17 Nov 1995

RI-363i 'John Travolta now on Miscavige' of 17 Nov 1995
RI-362i 'The incident EVERY Scientologist MUST know' 17 Nov 1995
RI-361i 'Why LRH invited SP "OT's" as staff (GOLD!)' 17 Nov 1995
RI-360i 'Bill Robertson on Justice and LRH - IMPORTANT' 16 Nov 1995

RI-359i (Not issued)
RI-358i 'Snr C/S Munich Org on the criminal Babsi Weber(-Ecin)' 15 Nov 1995
RI-357i (Under revision)
RI-356i 'Kauer, Snr C/S Munich Org, on Schiele' of 14 Nov 1995

RI-355i 'Munich Org's Irin Neubert Confesses to Koos' 14 Nov 1995
RI-354i 'Criminal MUNICH ORG is NOT Scientology' of 14 Nov 1995
RI-353i 'Was Karin Schiele a Nazi-Psychiatrist or not?' 14 Nov 1995
RI-352i 'Is this some kind of trick-question?' of 14 Nov 1995

RI-351i 'Karin Schiele: The Frothing Fury of MUNICH Org' 14 Nov 1995
RI-350Ri 'Ray Mithoff Hates Humanity' of 13 Nov 1995, revised 11 Apr 1996
RI-349i 'It FINALLY Dawns on LRH - MOST URGENT' of 12 Nov 1995
RI-348i 'Reactions about my work' of 11 Nov 1995

RI-348i-A 'Reactions about my Work - Addition' of 11 Mar 1996
RI-348i-B 'Reactions about my Work - Addition B' of 25 Oct 1996
RI-348i-C 'Reactions about my Work - Addition C - (20 Jan 1997)' of 20 Jan 1997
RI-348i-D 'Reactions about my Work - Addition D - (6 March 1997)' of 6 Mar 1997

RI-348i-E 'Reactions about my Work - Addition E - (23 Aug 1997)' of 28 Aug 1997
RI-347Ri 'Heber Jentzsch (Pres. INT) on How to Remove Mithoff' 11 Nov 1995
RI-346Ri 'Mark Ingber (WDC GOLD) on How to Remove Ray Mithoff' 11 Nov 1995

RI-345i 'What LRH is now Withholding from Koos' of 10 Nov 1995
RI-344i 'LRH Deserted You Already in 1966' of 11 Nov 1995
RI-343Ri 'Guillaume (ED INT) on How to Remove Mithoff' 9 Nov 1995
RI-342i 'LRH: Practical Stuff Scientology should be' 8 Nov 1995

RI-341i 'SP-declare on MUNICH Org Staff' of 9 Nov 1995
RI-340i 'Current Head of CoS, MITHOFF - URGENT URGENT' 8 Nov 1995
RI-339i 'Helping me to bring sanity to Scientology' 7 Nov 1995
RI-338Ri 'L. Ron Hubbard Pretends to remove Richard Reiss' 6 Nov 1995

RI-337i (Not issued)
RI-336Ri 'LRH since 1966: "POLICY IS SENIOR TO PEOPLE"' 4 Nov 1995
RI-335i 'L. Ron Hubbard's actions "beyond doubt, since 1966"' 1 Nov 1995
RI-334Ri 'Scientology Church PR on "Guardian Office" corrected' revised 24 Aug 1996

RI-322i-333i (Not issued)
RI-321i 'The Biggest Anti-Scientologist: Reiss at FLAG' 28 Oct 1995
RI-320i 'Major Scientology Victory Today with LRH' 27 Oct 1995
RI-318i-319i (Not issued)

RI-317i 'How L. Ron Hubbard is RIGHT FOREVER' 25 Oct 1995
RI-316Ri 'The Rightness of Vicious Anti-[Ex-]Scientologists' 26 Oct 1995
RI-315i 'Anchorpoints of Reiss and Mithoff (highest level Scientology)' 26 Oct 1995
RI-313i-314i (Not issued)

RI-312i 'Ethics Policies by Miscavige, NOT by LRH' 24 Oct 1995
RI-311i 'Why SP's are put in charge of maintaining Ethics' 24 Oct 1995
RI-309i-310i (Not issued)
RI-308i 'The blatant vicious liar L. Ron Hubbard' 22 Oct 1995

RI-307i (Not issued)
RI-306i 'The Suppressive Ray Mithoff's POWER GAME' 21 Oct 1995
RI-305i (Not issued)
RI-304i 'Suppressive Acts of L. Ron Hubbard on Ray Mithoff' 21 Oct 1995

RI-303i 'Suppressive Acts of L. Ron Hubbard on "Quicky Grades"' 21 Oct 1995
RI-302i 'More Suppressive Acts of L. Ron Hubbard' 20 Oct 1995
RI-301i (Not issued)
RI-300i 'L. Ron Hubbard and Miscavige DESTROYED Scientology' 20 Oct 1995

RI-299i 'Mark Ingber (...) on LRH' of 20 Oct 1995
RI-298i 'Guillaume Lesevre on LRH's High Treason' 19 Oct 1995
RI-297i 'Heber Jentzsch (Pres. INT) on LRH - IMPORTANT' of 19 Oct 1996
RI-296i 'L. Ron Hubbard was completely overwhelmed by Miscavige' 18 Oct 1995

RI-295i 'LRH on How He Committed Suicide in Jan 1986' 17 Oct 1995
RI-294i 'How Diana Hubbard allowed her father's suicide' 16 Oct 1995
RI-293i 'Mary Sue Hubbard Confronts her Husband' 16 Oct 1995
RI-292i 'LRH (himself now) on Old Guardian Office' 16 Oct 1995

RI-291Ri '"Ron's Journal 38" fake tape still sold by "Church" of Scientology' revised 21 May 1997
RI-291i-A 'Whose voice on "Ron's Journal 38" of 1984?' of 21 May 1997
RI-290i 'How LRH Contributed to Quentin's Death' of 16 Oct 1995
RI-289i 'LRH keeping the Evil Justice Chief System there' 15 Oct 1995
RI-288i 'The Main Evil Purpose' of 15 Oct 1995

RI-287i 'What is his or her OT-Level?' of 15 Oct 1995
RI-286i (Not issued)
RI-285i 'How LRH used Mary Sue Hubbard's Justifications' of 15 Oct 1995
RI-284i 'Insanity of L. Ron Hubbard: "Fighting enemies"' of 15 Oct 1995

RI-283i 'Joker and Degrader FLAG Snr C/S Richard Reiss' of 15 Oct 1995
RI-282i 'How to help Ray Mithoff (Snr C/S Int'l)' of 9 Oct 1995
RI-281i 'How LRH could make up for his tyranny (in Syracuse)' 7 Oct 1995
RI-280i 'How Tyrant L. Ron Hubbard Thinks He Aids Survival' 5 Oct 1995

RI-279i 'How Tyrant L. Ron Hubbard Dominates Others' 4 Oct 1995
RI-278i-A 'How Tyrant L. Ron Hubbard is more "Right"' 4 Oct 1995
RI-278i 'How Tyrant L. Ron Hubbard is "Right"' of 3 Oct 1995
RI-277i 'An SP (Mithoff) Wants to be Trusted' of 8 Oct 1995

RI-276i 'An SP (Mithoff) Can Not Leave by Himself' 8 Oct 1995
RI-275i 'Ray Mithoff KNEW that Miscavige was an SP' 8 Oct 1995
RI-274i 'Setting Own Awareness-Level - Use of Vital Data' 8 Oct 1995
RI-273i 'Being Part of a Group - Pretending to' of 8 Oct 1995

RI-272i 'Is it OK to expose a Suppressive? - Part II' 6 Oct 1995
RI-271i 'Is it OK to expose a Suppressive? - Part I' 6 Oct 1995
RI-270i 'Remedying the Crimes of Nazi-Judge Freisler' 26 Sep 1995
RI-269Ri 'How to Handle Irresponsible People (GOLD!)' 26 Sep 1995

RI-268i 'LRH audits Judge Kane regarding Wollersheim' 18 Sep 1995
RI-267i 'Omitted Data on Waging and Ending Wars' of 13 Sep 1995
RI-266i 'They Want To Be Dead' of 8 Sept 1995
RI-265i 'Critics of Scientology' of 6 Sept 1995

RI-264i (Under revision)
RI-263i 'Two Responses to Being Helped' of 20 Aug 1995
RI-262i 'Creating despite Suppressive Persons' of 20 Aug 1995
RI-261Ri 'Beggars WANT to produce ugliness and confusion' 18 Aug 1995

RI-260i 'Comparative Religion' of 19 Aug 1995
RI-259Ri 'On Socrates' revised 6 Mar 1997
RI-258i 'Wollersheim's Coercive Mind Controlled' of 16 Aug 1995
RI-257i 'LRH on Wollersheim' of 16 Aug 1995

RI-256i 'Cleaning up the Internet - IMPORTANT' of 15 Aug 1995
RI-255i 'Correction to Scientology's WWW-pages' of 13 Aug 1995
RI-254i 'The "Destroyer" Mike Rinder (CO OSA INT)' 10 Aug 1995
RI-253i (Under revision)

RI-252i-A 'Definition of Reality' of 5 Aug 1995
RI-252i 'Who in OSA ordered Internet's a.r.s. destroyed?' 5 Aug 1995
RI-251i 'Use of OT-materials' of 4 Aug 1995
RI-250i 'Preventing Mis-use of OT-materials' of 4 Aug 1995

RI-249i 'Whom Mithoff (Snr C/S INT) Actually Fights' 3 Aug 1995
RI-248i 'Prevention of Being and Acting as OT - Remedy' 29 Jul 1995
RI-247i-A 'Dwindling Power of Mithoff (Snr C/S INT)' 3 Aug 1995
RI-247i 'The Potential Murderer Ray Mithoff (Snr C/S INT)' of 1 Aug 1995

RI-246i 'More Crimes of SP Mithoff (Snr C/S INT)' 30 Jul 1995
RI-245i 'Why Ray Mithoff, Snr C/S INT, does not want LRH' 30 Jul 1995
RI-244i 'SP Ray Mithoff - Opponent of LRH' of 27 Jul 1995
RI-243Ri 'The Losing Fights of Dennis Erlich' of 25 July 1995

RI-242Ri 'Being There - Freedom to Act' of 22 Jul 1995
RI-241i 'SP-declare Deana Holmes' of 19 Jul 1995
RI-240i (Under revision)
RI-239i 'Koos and LRH and Ethics' of 17 Jul 1995

RI-238i 'Ron's Inspector is Senior' of 15 Jul 1995
RI-237i 'Ron's Inspector' of 15 Jul 1995
RI-236i 'Georle hits the mark' of 15 Jul 1995
RI-235i 'Handling people with Understanding' of 14 July 1995

RI-234i-A 'SP-Declare on Lesevre, ED INT - Add' of 15 Jul 1995
RI-234i 'SP-Declare on Guillaume Lesevre, ED INT' 13 Jul 1995
RI-233i 'SP-Declare Mary Sue Hubbard' of 12 Jul 1995
RI-232i 'C/S FOR the Person - VERY IMPORTANT' of 12 July 1995

RI-231i 'A Suppressive Act of Mary Sue Hubbard' of 11 Jul 1995
RI-230i 'Validating Pretended Rightness' of 8 Jul 1995
RI-229i 'How a Suppressive Hides Behind Valences' 8 July 1995
RI-228Ri 'Auditing of AIDS- and Other Patients IS ALLOWED' 6 Jul 1995

RI-227i 'OSA PR people on alt.religion.scientology' 4 Jul 1995
RI-226i 'On Simple Definitions of Scientology Terms' 4 Jul 1995
RI-225i 'The Morons of Dennis Erlich' of 3 Jul 1995
RI-224i 'Pat Broeker Stopped Blaming LRH' of 30 Jun 1995

RI-223i 'The Original Scope' of 2 Jul 1995
RI-222Ri 'Michael Jackson, Help for him' of 1 Jul 1995
RI-221i 'SP Yager Loses Against Ron's Inspector' of 1 July 1995
RI-220i 'First Anniversary of LRH's Return-30 June' 30 Jun 1995

RI-219i 'People Refusing Scientology-Marriage Counselling' 30 Jun 1995
RI-218i 'INT June 23 Event -What happened - Future' 24 Jun 1995
RI-217i 'Choosing Sides - As Ethics' of 24 Jun 1995
RI-216i 'How Reiss Defeats the Ethics-system' of 21 Jun 1995

RI-215i 'The June 23 World Wide "Briefing"' of 20 Jun 1995
RI-214i 'Understanding People who "want to destroy Koos"' 19 Jun 1995
RI-213i 'OT-Levels Not For Degraders - Why' of 18 June 1995
RI-212i '"Decent people are liars" says any SP' of 18 Jun 1995

RI-211i 'LRH on Mary Sue and Jane Kember' of 12 Jun 1995
RI-210i-A 'SP Declare Snr C/S INT Ray Mithoff - Add' 2 Jul 1995
RI-210i 'Ray Mithoff, Senior C/S INT, declared SP' 12 Jun 1995
RI-209i 'Homer DOES believe what Koos writes' of 10 Jun 1995

RI-208i 'This is the Snr C/S FLAG!!!' of 9 Jun 1995
RI-207i 'Now Making the Munich Church Safe' of 9 Jun 1995
RI-206i 'Most Ethical INT-Management Member, Ingber' 9 Jun 1995
RI-205i 'FLAG "Tech" destroys Artists' of 8 Jun 1995

RI-204i 'Protecting Suppressive Persons' of 5 Jun 1995
RI-203i 'Hundred Percent Standard "No Auditing"' of 6 Jun 1995
RI-202i 'Captain Bill Robertson on the SP Yager' of 5 Jun 1995
RI-201i 'The Perverters of Beauty and Life' of 4 Jun 1995

RI-200i 'Fair Game Law - Disconnection' of 4 Jun 1995
RI-199i 'Current Scene - for Internet' of 3 Jun 1995
RI-198i 'I Am Sanity and Survival' of 3 Jun 1995
RI-197i (Under revision)

RI-196i 'Slaves who will Never be Free' of 2 Jun 1995
RI-195i 'LRH on Ray Mithoff, Snr C/S INT' of 1 Jun 1995
RI-194i '"Scientology is shit", he said' of 27 May 1995
RI-193i 'LRH Sec Checks Homer's Overwhelm' of 25 May 1995

RI-192Ri 'Not OSA, but Homer Attacked Koos and LRH' 25 May 1995
RI-191i 'Ron's Inspector Calls LRH Back' of 23 May 1995
RI-190i 'Fake Miscavige, Evil Marc Yager's Plot' of 22 May 1995
RI-189i 'How People Stay Degraded' of 22 May 1995

RI-188i 'Captain Bill Robertson's Intentions for the Future' 22 May 1995
RI-187i 'The Last Threat an SP utters' of 21 May 1995
RI-186i 'More Sec Check Heber Jentzsch' of 20 May 1995
RI-185i 'Cancelling SP-declares' of 20 May 1995

RI-184i 'Sec Check Heber Jentzsch' of 20 May 1995
RI-183i 'Super Criminal Miscavige's Crimes on MSH & PB' 19 May 1995
RI-182i 'LRH on Pamela Redcliff - SP-declare' of 19 May 1995
RI-181i-B 'The Scientology Case - US First Amendment' 5 Jun 1995

RI-181i-A 'Why Support Erlich- Responses-Evaluation' 23 May 1995
RI-181i 'Please Help: Why does Erlich get support?' 18 May 1995
RI-180i 'LRH and Koos on Captain Bill Robertson' of 14 May 1995
RI-179i 'Perverting Your help-Reiss (Snr C/S FLAG)' 14 May 1995

RI-178i 'LRH on Mozart and Salieri' of 10 May 1995
RI-177i 'The Horrible Crime of OSA on INTERNET' of 10 May 1995
RI-176i 'Vital Data on SP Reiss (Snr C/S FLAG) now' 11 May 1995
RI-175i 'Mary Sue on Koos - "Boots in the Sky" ' of 10 May 1995

RI-174Ri 'Support for LRH back in Scientology' revised 11 May 1995
RI-173i 'Mary Sue on deposed GuardianWW Jane Kember' 8 May 1995
RI-172i 'Kevan Smith Describes Miscavige-removal' of 8 May 1995
RI-171i 'The Mystery of Alt.Clearing.Technology' of 5 May 1995

RI-170i 'Dwindling Power of Reiss (SP Snr C/S FLAG)' 4 May 1995
RI-169i 'The True Dennis Erlich' of 3 May 1995
RI-168i 'LRH Clarifies Processing Command' of 2 May 1995
RI-167RBi 'Detecting Forgeries of my posts' (Revision B) revised 6 Dec 1996

RI-166i 'Who owns the Church of Scientology?' of 1 May 1995
RI-165i 'Scientology-Tech destroyed by "Qual" - SP Reiss' 30 Apr 1995
RI-164i 'More Proof on FLAG-SP Richard Reiss' of 29 Apr 1995
RI-163i 'Kurt Weiland on Yager and Reiss' of 29 Apr 1995

RI-162i 'LRH on How SP Reiss ruins Ethics' of 28 Apr 1995
RI-161i 'CANCELLATION of SP-declare on David Mayo' 27 Apr 1995
RI-160i 'FLAG - The MECCA of Technical Suppression - II' 25 Apr 1995
RI-159i 'FLAG - The MECCA of Technical Suppression - I' 25 Apr 1995

RI-158i 'Definition of "ECT" and "Ritalin"' of 24 Apr 1995
RI-157i 'Definition of RPF' of 24 Apr 1995
RI-156Ri 'Anti-Constitutional CofS' ['Fair Game Series - 2'] 24 Apr 1995
RI-155i 'Ron's Abilities' of 24 Apr 1995

RI-154i 'LRH understanding Koos' lightness' of 24 Apr 1995
RI-153i 'Who were others in the past' of 22 Apr 1995
RI-152i 'Hamburg- Psychotic Weiland's Wrong Target' 20 Apr 1995
RI-151i 'LRH on Kurt Weiland and the SP Yager' of 20 Apr 1995

RI-150i 'PTS-Type C declare of Weiland,OSA INT Dir' 19 Apr 1995
RI-149i 'How Mary Sue helped Koos' of 18 Apr 1995
RI-148i 'For Immediate Removal of FLAG SP Reiss' of 17 Apr 1995
RI-147i 'Insane - Insaner - Reiss, Snr C/S FLAG' of 16 Apr 1995

RI-146i 'SP-declare on Annie Allcock, FLAG - [Editor of Mag]' 16 Apr 1995
RI-145i 'How FLAG's Reiss Hides that he is an SP' 15 Apr 1995
RI-144i 'Marc Yager - the friend of Wollersheim' of 14 Apr 1995
RI-143i 'FLAG's Richard Reiss - Second Miscavige' 12 Apr 1995

RI-142i 'The SP Richard Reiss' "better cards"' of 11 Apr 1995
RI-141i 'WDC Ingber will announce LRH's return' of 12 Apr 1995
RI-140i '"Volksverhetzung" - German TV' of 11 Apr 1995
RI-139i 'Handling Marc Yager with OT-Tech' of 10 Apr 1995

RI-138i 'More on SP Richard Reiss, Snr C/S FLAG' of 8 Apr 1995
RI-137i 'LRH on "going into the Physical Universe"' 8 Apr 1995
RI-136i 'Senior C/S FLAG Sec Checked today' of 6 Apr 1995
RI-135i 'The Violently Insane Snr C/S FLAG Reiss' of 6 Apr 1995

RI-134i 'The Suppressive Person who "is now Good"' 21 Aug 1994
RI-133i 'Benjamin Franklin's right to NOT be' of 31 Mar 1995
RI-132i 'Dedicated Staff who Enforce No-exchange' 31 Mar 1995
RI-131i '"The Truth is Confidential"' of 31 Mar 1995

RI-130i 'How SS Heydrich is hiding in or behind a body' 31 Mar 1995
RI-129i 'Ron's Inspector Purposes' of 31 Mar 1995
RI-128i 'Sec Checks on Pat Broeker' of 29 Mar 1995
RI-127i 'LRH - Buddha on the Material World' of 28 Mar 1995

RI-126Ri 'Koos Nolst Trenite - identity' of 29 Mar 1995
RI-125i 'Integrity comes from "Integer"' of 26 Mar 1995
RI-124i 'RI-project to stamp out "Standard Admin"' 20 Feb 1995
RI-123i 'Use of the "Suppressive Person"-concept' 25 Mar 1995

RI-122i 'LRH - The Lord Buddha (more)' of 23 Mar 1995
RI-121i 'RI-project to stamp out "Standard Tech"' 22 Mar 1995
RI-120i 'The $P Marc Yager'$ Co$-Bu$ine$$' of 22 Mar 1995
RI-119i 'Is Scientology a complete and finished subject' 20 Mar 1995

RI-118i 'A Continental Ethics Officer Exposed' of 6 Mar 1995
RI-117i 'Why AOSHEU Stayed Small' of 6 Mar 1995
RI-116i 'Very Unsafe Space - FLAG Service Org' of 18 Mar 1995
RI-115i '"Past Life Criminals and Scientology Ethics" - approved by LRH' 16 Mar 1995

RI-114i 'A former Nazi-psychiatrist - revisited' of 16 Mar 1995
RI-113i 'LRH on "letting others have their game"' 17 Mar 1995
RI-112i 'LRH - Gautama Buddha' of 17 Mar 1995
RI-111i 'The evil Justice Chief System' of 16 Mar 1995

RI-110i 'Condition of Life in Other Places than Earth' of 14 Mar 1995
RI-109i 'Validation of Presentation of Data on Scientology' 14 Mar 1995
RI-108i 'LRH on Exchange, Money, Friendship - Van Gogh' 14 Mar 1995
RI-107i 'LRH on Ultimate 3rd Party Richard Reiss' 13 Mar 1995

RI-106i 'Real LRH Birthday' of 13 Mar 1995
RI-105i 'LRH on Biggest FLAG SP Richard Reiss' of 12 Mar 1995
RI-104i 'All Miscavige Orders Cancelled' of 12 Mar 1995
RI-103i 'Unsafe Space - FLAG Service Org' of 12 Mar 1995

RI-102i 'LRH on Mark Ingber, WDC GOLD' of 11 Mar 1995
RI-101i 'Cancellation of False Grade and OT Certificates' 7 Mar 1995
RI-100i 'The Traitor to LRH: Yager, Sec Checked' of 8 Mar 1995
RI-99i 'Mark Ingber on Guillaume and SP Yager' of 5 Mar 1995

RI-98i 'LRH on the SP Marc Yager (currently CO CMO INT)' 5 Mar 1995
RI-97i 'LRH Birthday Release is only about Books' 8 Mar 1995
RI-96i 'How Guillaume Deserted You - Part I' of 3 Mar 1995
RI-95i 'LRH today on Guillaume and Koos' of 2 Mar 1995

RI-94Ri 'An Assistant of Nazi Heinrich Himmler - revisited' revised 1 Nov 1997
RI-93i 'Class XII SP Auditors and C/Ses at FLAG' of 9 Aug 1994
RI-92i 'Worse than Napoleon - Josephine de Beauharnais' 30 Jan 1995
RI-91i 'The OT X SP Current CO CMO INT Yager' of 2 Mar 1995

RI-90i 'The Intention of a Suppressive' of 9 Oct 1994
RI-89i 'SEC CHECK on BLUEM, German Labor Minister' 9 Feb 1995
RI-88i 'Restoring the Being by Declaring Him SP' 14 Feb 1995
RI-87i 'LRH: C/Sing and Staff's Safe Solutions on SPs' of 14 Feb 1995

RI-86i 'Marilyn Monroe's Missed Withholds' of 13 Feb 1995
RI-85RCi 'Institutional Cases on Alt.Religion.Scientology' rev C 16 May 1997
RI-85Si 'Institutional Cases on ARS' (Short) of 8 Feb 1995
RI-85RBi 'Institutional Cases on ARS' 8 Feb 1995, rev B 10 May 1995
RI-85i-C 'Institutional Cases on a.r.s - Addition C' 5 Apr 1996

RI-85i-B 'To All Institutional Cases on a.r.s - Add B' 3 Apr 1996
RI-85i-A 'Add to Institutional Cases on ARS-Internet' 10 May 1995
RI-84i 'Ron's Inspector Order to OSA' of 5 Feb 1995
RI-83i 'The Right to Study and Apply Scientology' 16 Jun 1994

RI-82i 'How did he do it (remove Miscavige)' of 2 Feb 1995
RI-81i 'How "FACT"net Wollersheim Tortured his Prisoners' 1 Feb 1995
RI-80RBi 'The Eternal Critics - Exposed' 28 Jan 1995, revised 3 Mar 1996
RI-79i 'Koos IS in charge, folks!' of 31 Jan 1995

RI-78i 'LRH to Ron's Inspector' of 6 Jan 1995
RI-77i 'Crimes of "FACT"net Wollersheim' of 30 Jan 1995
RI-76i 'To Hide or Find the Truth - That is Here the Question' 28 Jan 1995
RI-75i 'LRH-sessions on Homer - Miscavige' of 27 Jan 1995

RI-74i 'HCO Sec Check on Homer Wilson Smith' of 27 Jan 1995
RI-73i 'On Scientology Ethics' of 26 Jan 1995
RI-72Ri 'How RTC killed former Scientology Mission Holder Ostertag' of 22 Jan 1995
RI-71Ri 'How Hitler trapped the German People' of 22 Jan 1995, revised 6 August 1997

RI-70i 'Why "FACT"net itself is a lie' of 20 Jan 1995
RI-69i 'CoS Lawyers Oxen, Moron and Kobra' of 19 Jan 1995
RI-68i 'LA, 10:21, 13 Jan 1995, ED INT to Koos' of 18 Jan 1995
RI-67Ri 'How to drive others insane' of 24 Jun 1992

RI-66i 'CELEBRATING 13 JAN - Guillaume's Day' of 14 Jan 1995
RI-65i 'Homer's recent decision to be an SP' of 11 Jan 1995
RI-64i 'Homer W. Smith's Enslave Zone' of 10 Jan 1995
RI-63i 'The Potential Trouble Source Homer W. S.' 10 Jan 1995

RI-62i 'LRH Declares Scientologist Mike Phillips' 8 Jan 1995
RI-61Ri 'The Right to be Evil' of 16 Dec 1994
RI-60i 'The future of the being called Miscavige' of 3 Jan 1995
RI-59RBi 'How much Dennis Erlich HATES EVERYONE' revised 7 Jul 1996

RI-59i-A 'Add: the SP Erlich confirms validity' of 16 Feb 1995
RI-58Ri 'Fair Game Series - Treatment of Enemies' of 1 Jan 1995
RI-57i 'The Purely Evil Degrader Dennis Erlich' of 31 Dec 1994
RI-56i 'Congratulations from Ron' of 30 Dec 1994

RI-55i 'FLAG back On Source again' of 30 Dec 1994
RI-54i 'Newsflash ED INT Guillaume to Koos' of 30 Dec 1994
RI-53i 'Past Life Criminals and Scientology Ethics' of 29 Jul 1994
RI-52i 'The Arrogance of Internal Security' of 29 Dec 1994

RI-51i 'LRH granting Miscavige true Beingness' of 29 Dec 1994
RI-50RQi 'RI-xxxi series Archive - The Future' (Revision Q) revised 6 Mar 1996
RI-49i 'Anonymous Donations' 27 Dec 1994
RI-48i 'How to communicate to Ron (to LRH)' of 24 Dec 1994

RI-47i 'On-Source AOSHUK - Off-Source FLAG' of 22 Dec 1994
RI-46i 'Miscavige's losing fight with Koos' of 21 Dec 1994
RI-45i 'Who can be trusted now in CoS' of 17 Dec 1994
RI-44i 'The David-Miscavige-97-Bi-Yrs-Ago-Inc - IV' of 15 Dec 1994

RI-43i 'The David-Miscavige-97-Bi-Yrs-Ago-Inc - III' 16 Dec 1994
RI-42i 'The David-Miscavige-97-Bi-Yrs-Ago-Inc - II' of 18 Dec 1994
RI-41i 'The David-Miscavige-97-Bi-Yrs-Ago-Inc - I' of 18 Dec 1994
RI-40i 'The David-Miscavige-97-Bi-Yrs-Ago-Inc - EP' of 19 Dec 1994

RI-39i 'SEC CHECK on LRH - Extremely Important Data' of 18 Dec 1994
RI-38i 'SEC CHECK of an irresponsible OT VIII' of 17 Dec 1994
RI-37i 'The Present Fight of Miscavige' of 16 Dec 1994
RI-36i 'The Monster Miscavige fights back' of 16 Dec 1994

RI-35i 'How to remove Miscavige - (for OT's only)' of 14 Dec 1994
RI-34i 'Who is in Command' of 9 Dec 1994
RI-33RBi 'LRH's Guardian Office and Mo Budlong' 25 Aug 1994, rev 24 Feb 1996
RI-32i 'SP-Declares are Intended - Use It' of 9 Mar 1994

RI-31i 'SP-Declares are Intended - Handling' of 7 Mar 1994
RI-30i 'SP-Declares are Intended' of 17 Feb 1994
RI-29Ri 'Koos, LRH, Miscavige - the Truth' of 7 Dec 1994
RI-28i 'Pulling the WITHHOLD of an LRH-Critic' 27 Nov 1994

RI-27i 'How Miscavige uses OT XII (OT-Twelve)' of 23 Nov 1994
RI-26i 'Note on the State of LRH' of 20 Nov 1994
RI-25i 'PTS-Declare Type C of OSA-Staff' of 19 Nov 1994
RI-24i 'Definition of "Potential Trouble Source" - IMPORTANT' of 19 Nov 1994

RI-23i 'More Proof on David Miscavige' of 17 Nov 1994
RI-22i 'If David Miscavige were removed?' of 9 Nov 1994
RI-21i 'Mark Ingber now in Watch Dog Committee' of 8 Nov 1994
RI-20i 'Hope for Sanity' of 8 Nov 1994

RI-19Di 'Kuenstler und Ethik' of 23 June 1997
RI-19Ri 'Artists and Ethics' revised 22 Dec 1996
RI-18i 'LRH on Wolfgang A. Mozart' of 2 Nov 1994
RI-17i 'LRH plus Koos equals actual Wins' of 1 Nov 1994
RI-16i-A 'PRESENT Comm from LRH - Addition' of 2 Nov 1994

RI-16i 'PRESENT Comm from LRH' of 28 Oct 1994
RI-15i 'Recent Sessions with LRH on Miscavige' of 26 Oct 1994
RI-14Ri 'Suppressive Persons in Scientology's Safe Space' revised 17 Jun 1997
RI-13i 'Mark Ingber Remarks' of 20 Oct 1994

RI-12i 'The IAS-Event with LRH' of 16 Oct 1994
RI-11i 'Present Data from LRH' of 16 Oct 1994
RI-10i 'Confronting a Suppressive' of 12 Oct 1994
RI-9Ri 'Confessional on David Miscavige' of 1 Oct 1994, rev. 21 Feb 1996

RI-9i-C 'How I audited Miscavige and L. Ron Hubbard' 7 Apr 1996
RI-9i-B 'Remarks to Joe on Ethics' of 8 Oct 1994
RI-9i-A 'Answers to Joe on Miscavige' of 3 Oct 1994
RI-8i 'SEC CHECK Intl Justice Chief' of 29 Sept 1994

RI-7i 'RTC Missions' of 21 Sept 1994
RI-6i 'The PT Overts on David Miscavige' of 20 Sept 1994
RI-5i 'Who can be trusted in CoS' of 18 Sept 1994
RI-4i 'LRH Validates "Free Zone" Use of Scientology' of 16 Sept 1994

RI-3i 'SEC CHECK Marc Yager RTC' of 14 Sept 1994
RI-2i 'CORRECT PTS-item is "David Miscavige"' of 10 Sept 1994
RI-1RBi 'The hidden L. Ron Hubbard after his death in 1986' revised 12 Sept 1998
RI-0i 'Current Ethics' of 30 Jun 1994

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Understanding Suppression Series

(Download the USP-Series from USP-001 to USP-065 as a packed zip file)

USP-065 'Helping you to be happily "dead"' of 27 May 1994, issued 1 Dec 1998

USP-064 'Kicking out or dominating the decently able' of 25 May 1994
USP-063 'The Suppressive Person who really "helps" you' of 19 May 1994
USP-062 'Looking for evil in order to be evil' of 19 May 1994
USP-061 '"It is all a misunderstanding"' of 18 May 1994

USP-060 'Destroying what he fails to help' of 6 May 1994
USP-059 'Assumed wrong character - Non Art was "Modern Art"' of 6 May 1994
USP-058 'Doing as if reality does not exist' of 5 May 1994
USP-057 'Not admitting failures in handling Suppressive Persons' of 15 Apr 1994

USP-056 'Mis-using correct therapy to make own insanity "right"' of 14 Apr 1994
USP-055 '"Looking at reality of others is deadly"' of 14 Apr 1994
USP-054 'Decision to remain insane forever' of 13 Apr 1994
USP-053 'Fighting to remain insane' of 13 Apr 1994

USP-052 'He is "not insane"' of 13 Apr 1994
USP-051 'Fighting any attempts to really help him' of 10 Apr 1994
USP-050 '"That you see through my facade, proves your insanity"' of 28 Mar 1994
USP-049 'Intentional refusal to understand' of 21 Mar 1994

USP-048 'Admiration for Suppressive Acts' of 21 Mar 1994
USP-047 'Trying to murder actual friends - Van Gogh' of 18 Mar 1994
USP-046 '"Breaking" a Suppressive Person worsens him' of 18 Mar 1994
USP-045 'Completely false importances' of 17 Mar 1994

USP-044 '"Forced to be evil"' of 17 Mar 1994
USP-043 'Punishing evil with evil' of 16 Mar 1994
USP-042 'Living with a Suppressive Person - the mystery' of 16 Mar 1994
USP-041 'Unable to be himself' of 9 Mar 1994

USP-040 '"Survival is a Suppressive Act"' of 7 Mar 1994
USP-039 '"Understanding hurts too much"' of 23 Feb 1994
USP-038 '"Rightness" and "beauty" of not looking - Nirwana' of 22 Feb 1994
USP-037 'WANTING to be suppressed' of 21 Feb 1994

USP-036 'Not WANTING to be there' of 21 Feb 1994
USP-035 'Destroying all reality of the past' of 10 Feb 1994
USP-034 'Others must admire his "goodness"' of 6 Feb 1994
USP-033 'Hiding loss of own viewpoint' of 6 Feb 1994

USP-032 '"Accept my pretense of being what I am not"' of 6 Feb 1994
USP-031 'Feeling destroyed when looked at' of 6 Feb 1994
USP-030 'Destroying what he loves dearest' of 5 Feb 1994
USP-029 '"Look at me - but don't LOOK at me"' of 1 Feb 1994

USP-028 'Tact and diplomacy in "handling" a Suppressive Person' of 31 Jan 1994
USP-027 'Survival only by destroying others' of 31 Jan 1994
USP-026 '"Helping" another by hiding his evil' of 28 Jan 1994
USP-025 'Solving life by denying truth' of 23 Jan 1994

USP-024 'Against therapy' of 23 Jan 1994
USP-023 'Beyond suspicion' of 23 Jan 1994
USP-022 'Morals and Justice used to create non-survival' of 23 Jan 1994
USP-021 'Enforcing inapplicable rules' of 23 Jan 1994

USP-020 'Therapy used to dominate another' of 23 Jan 1994
USP-019 'Truth is "confusing"' of 21 Jan 1994
USP-018 '"Avoiding" Suppressive Persons completely' of 21 Jan 1994
USP-017 'Help exposes intentions' of 21 Jan 1994

USP-016 '"Destruction" lurks around every corner' of 19 Jan 1994
USP-015 '"They" can't get me' of 17 Jan 1994
USP-014 'Seeing evil "equals death"' of 7 Jan 1994
USP-013 'Blocking your perception of them' of 7 Jan 1994

USP-012 '"Decent people need no help"' of 6 Jan 1994
USP-011 'Trust blindly given by the group' of 1 Jan 1994
USP-010 'Reverse Justice' of 1 Jan 1994
USP-009 'Intelligent lies "safeguard" him' of 1 Jan 1994

USP-008 '"Understanding others paralyzes action"' of 1 Jan 1994
USP-007 '"Others are stronger - unless controlled"' of 1 Jan 1994
USP-006 'Too many evil intentions' of 1 Jan 1994
USP-005 'Everything in reverse' of 1 Jan 1994

USP-004 'Refusal to find out' of 14 Oct 1993
USP-003 'Insanity and Psychosis fully understood' of 13 Dec 1996
USP-002 'State of Sanity, Definition of' of 24 Oct 1996
USP-001 'No good without understanding evil' of 18 May 1994

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Notes on Art

AO-P001 'Helping Artists, or Helping Drug-addicts, or both?' of 7 July 1981
AO-P002 'On Selling Art' of 17 Aug 1981
AO-P003 'Product or Result of Art Organization' of 25 Aug 1981
AO-P004 'Art Org - Successful Artists' of 26 Aug 1981

AO-P005 'Make your activity viable, don't kill it!' of 30 Aug 1981
AO-P006 'Can't become rich by doing what you want to do' of 30 Aug 1981
AO-P007D 'Was Ist Kunst?' of 1982
AO-P008 'Beautiful People' of 1982

AO-P009 'Customer viewpoint differentiated' of 13 Jan 1982
AO-P010 'Courage better than hope' of 29 Jan 1982
AO-P011 'Lowered Quality does not sell better' of 3 May 1982
AO-P012 'The PURPOSE of the ART ORG' of 22 Mar 1984

AO-P013 'The Artist Horst Jansen and His Alcohol' of 26 June 1984
AO-P014 'First policy of an Artist' of 26 June 1984
AO-P015 'Selling' of 4 July 1984
AO-P016 'Sane and producing artist defined' of 20 Dec 1984

AO-P017 'Survival Training for Artists and Artlovers' of 1982
AO-P018 'People who "can't buy"' of 20 Nov 1986
AO-P019 'Thoughts on Art Org Purposes and Goal' of 18 Feb 1987
AO-P020 'Purpose of the Art Org' of 1 Oct 1987

AO-P021 'Past Lives' of 8 Oct 1987
AO-P022 'What a little good intention can do for you' of 23 Oct 1987
AO-P023 'Back to Basics - Music' of 17 Mar 1988
AO-P024 'Back to Basics (also in Art)' of 17 Mar 1988

AO-P025 'Measuring success of Art-activity by income' of 15 Aug 1989
AO-P026 'Using salescontrol ethically' of 3 Oct 1989
AO-P027 'Movies - Viewpoint to choose' of 11 Mar 1990
AO-P028 'Exchange for paintings' of 25 Nov 1990

AO-P029 'Completed work of Art, when it is' of 10 Dec 1990
AO-P030 'Communication in Art' of 15 Dec 1990
AO-P031 'Beware of "Art-supporters' of 3 Apr 1992
AO-P032 'Artists and Ethics' of 10 Sept 1992

AO-P033D 'Giacomo Biffi gegen Mozart' of 12 Sept 1992
AO-P034 'Artists starting wrongly' of 18 Sept 1992
AO-P035 'Mona Lisa' of 8 Oct 1992
AO-P036 'Rehabilitating Society fastest' of 29 Oct 1992

AO-P037 'Ghostwriter defined (by another)' of 12 Nov 1992
AO-P038 'A fable - Leonardo's Fables' of 13 Nov 1992
AO-P039 'Ethics Presence' of 15 Nov 1992
AO-P040 'Note on Art' of 17 Oct 1993

AO-P041 'Public Relations when necessary' of 17 Oct 1993
AO-P042 'Enforced Beauty' of 19 Oct 1993
AO-P043 'The Quality of a work of Art' of 4 Dec 1993
AO-P044 'Two types of salesmen' of 16 Dec 1993

AO-P045 'Artists pretending to be alive' of 28 Dec 1993
AO-P046 'Producing Confusing Art' of 15 Jan 1994
AO-P047 '"Scared and obliged to buy"' of 27 Apr 1994
AO-P048 'Responsibility of the Artist for his public' of 10 June 1994

AO-P049 'Two Types of Artists' of 30 Sept 1994
AO-P050 'New Art - Modern Art' of 21 Feb 1995
AO-P051 'How To Look At People' of 5 June 1996
AO-P052 'Non Art has been called "Modern Art"' of 28 Mar 1997

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